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Found 5 results

  1. I created this topic for everyone who interested in DJ stuff. I'm not DJ but I'm working with some of them in real world. I love any kind of music since I was in crib. I remembered chat with Chilles about famous DJ like Zedd years ago about preset mix for venue. It was true and I'd like to share about how important of making those set. Let's watch discussion between Laidback Luke and Afrojack. P.S. Believe it or not, Live Broadcast like "Eurovision Song Contest". It delayed for very short time, in order to prevent any unexpected incident during the show
  2. Unpleasant Fancy Fairy Fly - Fairly intelligent people who think it is acceptable to argue with another or others in public, whether anyone else wishes to hear it or not – usually not - but justify it by making new topics to fit in what they want to say to prolong their argument; bring up bad feelings from previous issues ; rarely take part in other topics except to disrupt and making it about them to yet again prolong their arguments ; and they justify it all by saying childlike... dont read my topic then (then stop making it public ffs), or saying its "free speech", (dont mix this up with
  3. I would say forgiveness is the most virtuous one. Reason being is that it's the most challenging one. To be wronged by a person not only once but time and time again to still forgive them? It's truly a virtue that I think would even change the most meanest person cause I believe eventually they would begin to be convicted of their wrong doing. One can be honest yet honestly hate you. One can be loyal yet be loyal to the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. One can have empathy but it's limited if you haven't experienced a thing that another has. One can have compassion yet without empathy it w
  4. Guest

    Expressing your opinion

    Ok...before we start...although recent events have inspired me to post this...it's not about any particular individual...we're all guilty of abusing our much vaunted and oft misused freedom to express our opinion to varying degrees I think. I'd just like to solicit a discussion on what this topic actually means to everyone... ...I'll start with what I think are the things anyone posting their opinions online should consider; Does expressing your opinion contribute in a positive way to the subject matter? Does your opinion provoke further constructive discussion concerning the subject matte
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