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Found 5 results

  1. Made the trend for other anime lovers like my self. Talk about anime,post videos etc. To be honest I'm running out of anime to watch so recommendation be cool. Oh can post anime artwork if you like or hentai why not everything gos should keep it interesting. Drop in and leave a post if you like anime
  2. So over the last year I have been doing alot of renders and what not, I figured seen as I was starting to take commissions for such work, I would pop on here and post them too, But yeah, I figured seen as I don't have enough money to spend on stuff like subscriptions to certain games that I would really like to play *Cough* 3dxchat *cough* I would do some comissions, I have seen plenty of over the top prices for commissions, So I'm only gonna charge pretty much half the price as usual renders, Feel free to message me if you wanna talk about it <3 This is just a few examples of my work, I have been mostly doing Star wars stuff as i tend to roleplay on SWTOR quite abit. The First image is one of my latest ones. Some NSFW Renders
  3. Hi All! Here are some 2D renders of 3D scenes I've created, using the fine VUE software from e-on Software. I'll be adding more gradually as I edit them. Thanks for viewing! ~ Orgasmatron ~ ~ Vani ~ ~ Vani - Closeup ~ Thanks for viewing!
  4. Site: http://cryavision.deviantart.com/ You can email me at cryavision@gmail.com for any enquiries about commissions. Wip Tori Black
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