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Found 4 results

  1. 24 HOURS ♪♫★ MUSIC FEST ★♫♪ AUGUST 21st + 22nd 12 PM ~ 12 PM EST FEATURING: 6 DJ's ,BAND,DANCERS moondance Mungz DocQ Fanhey HarleyBiker JYDCockneyDJ SPECIAL GUESTS: BareBunnies PHOENIX DON'T MISS THIS EVENT !!!
  2. 24 HOURS MUSIC FEST August 22nd & 23rd 12 NOON est Thru 12 NOON est 4 LIVE DJ's
  3. Come cheer on and support Gith as he smashes the IRON DJ CHALLENGE! This Monday, July 27th starting at 8 am and ending Tuesday, July 28th at 8 am. Seriously - be there to support Gith! See flyer for more info.
  4. Since Saloon, Fresco, 3DX Club are all dead places, why not make one or three into a "Property of the Day" open for 24 hours regardless of user being online the entire time? Since we can guess Gizmo or staff wouldn't want to add and change places everyday, there would need to be some way to upload the world file along with a fair system where those wanting to post their property had a chance , but would go back into a queue at the back of the line of others who hadn't yet so no one person can abuse the feature? If it's a bit of work for Gizmo to create the coding for, then why not an Xgold host charge to make it worth his while? Not sure of what amount to charge, but it can't be too little there is a easy reason to try and abuse it, but not too much no one wants to pay it. The dead 3DX places could be better repurposed.
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