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  1. I am a HUGE fan of the game and love to RP with descriptive chat. I especially love when they come out with new clothes, positions and furniture but lately it's been feeling a little stale.. Can you help up the game play and intimacy for me? I'm wondering if there is a way to integrate my Discord channel to increase the connection with anonymous sex. I like to connect with people and have actual (almost real) sex by using toys on my end and my partner using toys on their end. But can there be more through Discord? Can we share photos or live video (that doesn't reveal either parties identity) through Discord while we're fucking? Is there anything that the members community does to increase the pleasure of gameplay and connection while in the game? I would never want to make anything uncomfortable for anyone of course, only those who are willing to share with me a little more than what's in game. Side question, how do you use Discord with the game? I am new to Discord and would love to learn from the wonderful community of 3DXCHAT supporters. Peace and love, Freyde
  2. NO FREAKING WAY!!!! This is the coolest build I have ever seen and can't wait to RP the shit out of this - Ragner
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