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  1. Is there a shortcut to turn the default radio on or off besides in setting?
  2. I am looking for a Priest or Clery outfit for a Wedding. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  3. Good Day All, I am building a retreat and I am looking for a Church room with a Confessional or just a Confessional. I have been searching everywhere and can not fine one. Any help from anyone would be appreciated. Willing to pay you for your piece if need be. Thanks in advanced.
  4. Thank-you for the info
  5. Just a stupid question for anyone that can help. Is there a way to enable a male to pole dance.
  6. Thank-you very much. That worked perfectly.
  7. I just have a small question for anyone that can help me. I purchased an Apt where you enter thru the Apt entrance door. I want to have the avatar inside of the apt when I choose it and not at the outside entrance. I have tried to modify the apt with no luck on this. Is there a way to place the avatar inside of the apt instead of outside the apt when it starts. Any help would be appreciated.
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