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  1. Hello, In June 2021, the studio participated in the promotion of new rooms as part of a partnership between the hosts and the dance group MOON. The idea was to give the benefit of experience in organizing events to hosts who had none. There is a whole organization behind the scenes that the public does not even know exists. One of the most rewarding parts of the job is played at this moment. This time of listening between the various partners of the evening where the expectations of each are taken into account allows the involvement of each one is a true teamwork. We appreciate these times, the studio is then really a partner in its own right and not a simple service provider as is becoming the trend at present. For the evening, we made 2 videos, a teaser and the clip of the event.
  2. Hello, Monday May 17th, the French ConnexXxion organizes to promote its server a party at Baghara. We are in a classic routine of regular video production. On this production we are perfecting the transition techniques on the multi screens. The result remains correct but not satisfactory enough. There is a counter-intuitive reality that forces us to publish anyway, because it is easier to produce by spanking mistakes and correcting them on the next production than to want a perfect video that will never be released
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