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  1. So it happen again, I don't know what's happening but it happen same way than last time. Joined on popular room, it only loaded few characters and then that lovely Disconnect box middle of my screen. After I pressed Reconnect I was on login screen, when I tried to login it stated that I have been blocked. I do wonder if the automated block system is bit too sensitive if there is connection problem?
  2. None, haven't had interest on other similar type of games. I think it might be cause I got disconnected when connected some room and then instantly trying to reconnect, idk. But the situation got sorted with customer service without any extra details on why and what happen, so I guess this goes in history as mystery what happen 😕
  3. Well I did open ticket with support via their support portal, I do hope they can provide insight what might have happened. Thanks for replies.
  4. I get account has been blocked on login screen, and when I click the link I'm forwarded to this page where it gives just nothing really.
  5. On that website I don't have anything related to block, it doesn't even tell there that I have been blocked.
  6. So I just recently finished my long work streak yesterday and logged in briefly to say hi to few friends who were online, fast forward for today when I decided to login on 3dxchat. I managed to login first time today without problems, only to notice that red Connection Lost box to popup on my screen, I pressed reconnect and tried to jump into character selection screen, after it refused to launch I closed the game and tried to re-login only to be greeted with message Account has been blocked, click here why?. When opening website I was greeted message about Suspended Account for suspicious
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