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  1. well they didn't have this in place on Saturday
  2. Uhmm yeah I remember those days, could never get a single cell on amobile
  3. When this pandemic is over I'm going to have to book a holiday to the Congo
  4. Still no update since Lisa's last post? it has been almost 24 hours
  5. Forum is being super laggy and keeps going down
  6. There's a difference between confidence and arrogance
  7. Have you ever just considered swimming? Rather than having to get wet and paddle a broken down boat? If your boat is a sieve learn to swim
  8. Y'know while you were talking to me you didn't use the eye emoji in two posts? Did the illuminati fire you?
  9. I want to play 3dx. I bought a years sub on Saturday but I couldn't connect then I found this website and learned the servers were down, it's not that I don't want to play it's that I can't. I've never had the chance to play it
  10. I'm not, there is a thread on the forums saying that these attacks have been happening since may
  11. Constantly looking at the forums for an update, server down due to another DDoS, chatting with trolls & pervs... wow this reminds me of the good old days back when I was playing on Minecraft servers
  12. I think there is another 3dx or something though like an offline mode because that PABLOS (or whatever his name is) kept posting videos on 3dx while it was down and in the video it said offline
  13. Why you getting my hopes up? Still says server down for me :l
  14. Just like everything it comes with balance, being needy is bad... not caring is worse. There needs to be a middle ground
  15. Like a sieve? You need to invest in a new boat
  16. Yeah but surly if it has been out for years this isn't the first time it has been attacked.. usually people learn from mistakes and beef up security
  17. I subscribed to the game prior to the forums but then I came here when I couldn't connect... so I've been on the forums days before playing the game so we are kinda in the same boat?
  18. Didn't even know the game had been out that long I thought it was new if it's not new how come we are only now having the server down? This feels like some sort of beta
  19. Wow you joined March 23, 2018 and have only done 2 posts? I'm a talk-aholic I'll just keep talking until people get sick of me and then I find new people
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