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  1. Ditto here, been trying for about 15 minutes, no luck.
  2. I'll add in a few more (sorry if I duplicated any of these). The ability to lock your toon movement for profile viewing. (just disables the "click to move" feature") Call it "voyeur" mode to go with the theme if you like. The ability to break out chat windows so you can see several at a time if you have the screen space. The ability to move your windows around more, just click and drag them where you want. Stupid little one - ability to turn on music stream when customizing your room. Speed Move when customizing a room, something like a 'run' where your camera just moves 10X as fast when you have it on. Search app, to search for profiles by name, age, location, what they are seeking. I've seen it in tons of MMORPG's, but this game just screams that it needs a profile search.
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