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  1. If i try to log in the site still claims I need to renew subscription, { see attachment} ANY SUGGESTIONS . THANKS IN ADVANCE. >PLAVIC<
  2. Hi , i upgraded my desktop pc and all my files are on my seagate external drive that is not cooperating [wip] so i have made several attempts to download and all is normal until the end it can't install... ? I say "can't" because of the error message [ see attached] i tried turning off the firewall and anti -virus to sneak it in nope same result tried different browsers , same result , only one of the browsers added that "THE APP COULD CAUSE DAMAGE" but i have always received that info with this download , but it will still install , then i override WINDOWS , now its not giving me that option ? any feedback is appreciated error codes : 1. Error reading data:(12020). The Operation timed out . ??? 2Error reading data:(12030). The connection with server was terminated abnormally ! how rude I DID DO RESEARCH , WASTE OF TIME THANKS , VIC P
  3. Server down> 🌨 ☀👁🗨☢☣♻⁉🖐 🖐✌^0^🛰🖨🖱🖥🖥⌨< Server up That's my theory , give or take a day....
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