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  1. Found the problem, the latest update was being triggers by my anti-virus, found this reading someone elses post from a week or more ago (thanks)
  2. I can confirm this issue has effected me as well, and that I know its not everyone, never been able to find the source of the issue. But its there somewhere.
  3. Generally speaking I rarely have too many issues, sure the game crashes sometimes and I get that thing where the friends dont show but a simple restart always fixes that, it always has but tonight i had a big problem. At one point I went to change my resolution in game, and it crashed the game, not to anything concerning I rarely run the game at the resolution my monitor can handle its much much lower usually but when I did the game crashed, when attempting to reload it tried to reload the entire game, then failed, and failed again.. So I uninstalled the game entirely and went to reinstall but the installer doesnt function properly, instead of installing the game it DUMPS the files into the folder that the installer is sitting in, then crashes and there is no actual exe to click on to reload, with the exception of the same installer.. So I have a game I cannot run, Ive been a subscriber for a long time and never come across this, Im dead serious by the way, Ive deleted everything related to the game from the system entirely including registry files and it STILL wouldnt install, theres something seriously wrong here and I cant seem to find the source of the issue, its like its trying to patch a copy of the game that isnt there.. Hence why it will not run HELP
  4. This has been a bug in the game for well over 2 years now, the application just simply no longer saves the images, personally I resorted to screen shotting them myself a long time ago
  5. Same here, the tool itself works fine but the profile wont show, it either appears like that or half text half mess with the nickname of nickname and telling me i am married to "username"
  6. One of the most comprehensive looking updates in quite a while Great work
  7. Love the look of the room, you folks just put me to complete shame
  8. Its evident at this point that no admins or mods are working on the problem either theres been a planned holiday thats happened or something. Its a massive dissapointment and a huge break in trust. All we can hope for is that it all gets restored but I think doubts are valid at this point
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