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  1. Any one haveing trouble down loading 2.0 Did down load 2.0, and had use of if for about a week. Screen went black, now I can not down load 2.0. Could you send me another vberision other then the one that is published on 1.0...
  2. Can I use my Oculus Rift with this game? I tried clicking the box but it just splits the screen and nothing shows on the goggles
  3. Life is Strange - dam the hard decisions ...... Currently started EP4 __________________________ free ringtones download, mp3 ringtones download
  4. Hi there everyone, I have a weird bug that the text from the chatbox ignores the chatwindow border. Text just goes through the box and fills the area above it. Is there a fix for this problem?? **Fixed** re-installed my visual drivers and resized the game client *
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