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So I am looking for people who love to RP, people who can type up at least a full post per post, and to play out some of my characters with me, some of my characters I really want to try would be my Vampiric form as well as my witch form. I do not mind trying out other forms as well, but I want to try them with experienced partners, and yes this may lead to a long term RP or it might not, depends on what happens. be warned though you must have an open mind~ the scenes I like to play in for these two main characters are dark areas, specially for my vampire form, if interested please let me know! also look at the time this was posted, and then see how that would effect you, my normal game times for when I am most active in game is between 11:00 pm to 8:00 AM. and it is currently 1:25 PM since I posted this in my time, before you assume otherwise, it might give you a different time, because of the time zone difference, but other wise there ya go!

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