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M3T: Massive Tag Team Tournament - 18:00 GMT, August 6th

Sugar Bunny

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Are you ready for the new (and only) 3DX full contact team sport?


Come join one of two teams - the Sparklespiders or the Platypuses - and battle it out in a massive game of tag!


Five heart pounding, mouse clicking, LOL inducing rounds of action with glorious bragging rights for the winners and consolation prizes for the losers!


Team membership will only be open to the first arrivals, but spectators are welcome too.


Let the games begin!






P.S.  Looking for more weird and wonderful events? Check out my website at: http://sugarbunny7.wix.com/sugarbunny

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It certainly should be, DurtyGirl! :) 


Back on July 30th we did the first M3T event with the Platypuses and the Sparklespiders dueling it out for seven rounds. After a grueling battle the Sparklespiders won 18 to 3, with Sparklespider MVP LittleMel sprinting to victory with four Platypuses right on her tail! She literally beat the clock by two seconds. :D

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Thank you everyone who came out to M3T! At our peak we had over 40 people at the tournament, including eight amazing players from Team Platypus and Sparklespider! After a five rounds of brutal tag team competition the score tied at 8 to 8! Congrats to both teams on an amazing performance!


What an awesome event! :D


Hope to see you all at the next one!



Team Platypus



Team Sparklespider

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