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Looking for long term (hot)wife [eng/ger] and male companions


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Hi together.

I am looking for a girl who wants to become my (hot)wife ingame officially ingame.


I was not much online last years, but i renewed my subscription and will be online alot this time.


I am 30 years old guy living in germany. Speaking english and german and I am into cuckolding, so Im lookig for a girl who wants to share that cuckold and hotwife experience longterm preferrably. I am very descriptive and careful and my whole attention would be yours.


I imagined somerhing like spending much time together and chatting a lot, and I am there for real hubby moments like sweet talk, being at your side, talking everything about, making compliments and much more.. while being denied sexually to be horny as much as possible, and put even more effort towards you. Like being cheated with and without my knowledge, being degraded, like to serve you as you just imagine, fullfilling every imagination of yours. Love to see you hanging around with other guys, while me being also at your side.

Also fine with being exposed, for example to your friends/bulls.. love being humiliated verbally.. I am also willing to look for new bulls and generally everything, that makes you happy.  If you like we can turn voice chat on,  on discord or anything else.


Also available to tgirls and dominant guys, to be verbally degraded by them and taliking about my wife with them, especially in her presence. (voice chat also fine with you guys and bulls if you are turned on by cuck-husband).


Everyone who likes the idea of an indepth roleplay (stay in role fulltime) with various kinks are welcome to reply here or send me pm.


Generally not bi, and no experience with it.. but curious for sure and willing to try things out. Cruel, mean and degrading behaviour (i.e. wife is lying to me, using me to provide her fun and helping find her ruthless bulls, guys degrading me for being that submissive.. and and and...) is a huge turn on. Also huge fan of latex, pantyhose, stockings, heels...


Glad if someone reply with similar interests and I am happy about every reply, guys and girls. 


Hopefully someone reads this, shares the kinks, and joins me for an almost real andventure.




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Hallo, ich bin erst seit 3 Tagen im Spiel, aber habe schon eine Weile RP gemacht.

Könnte interessant werden mit uns, ich bin in der Tendenz dominant, habe aber keine Erfahrung as Hotwife.
Im Spiel suche ich langfristige RP- Partner. Durch meine bisherigen RP habe ich natürlichen einen bestimmten "Stil" entwickelt. Lass uns einfach schauen, ob es passen könnte. 

LG Eva

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I think he is looking for male partners to "do" his wife, after he "finds" this wife. Personally, I think that modern cuckolding is as old as humanity, when language was introduced to the toolbox available to men (and women). For degrading. For increasing pleasure with words. For roleplaying, of course. In my room ("Ancient Rome Sex"), I created a game based on roll2 where a husband brings his wife into a gambling room and observes her being repeatedly used by these complete strangers.

It's actually quite simple, the guys sit at a table and roll a round. Wife does not roll, and stands next to her husband. The highest number (between 1 to 12) gets partnered by the hotwife, and there is a few minutes of sex, before she un-partners him. And so, the next round begins.

The rolling of dice should be in a group chat, not on local channels, for obvious reasons, but also so that the husband cannot see the rolls, because he will be kept out of the group chat and can only guess who will use his wife next round.

Should there be two highest rollers, they will both perform an MMF with the wife, again for the usual time (a minute, two, three, whatever). You can add rules as to how many poses, and so on.

In the rare case that all rollers get the same highest number, the husband will be sent away, and (at least in my room) the men take the wife to a hotel room and have her with no limits, and no inhibitions because the husband is not there.

For added effects, she may be taken outside of the room in full view of guests and passersby, and placed on a totem (a wall pose) if the highest roll is a 12. The totem is pretty obvious about what is going on.




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Hallo zusammen, 

Bin die Nina auch recht neu hier in 3dx chat, aber Erfahrung aus SecondLife. Spiele sehr gerne das Hotwife bin dabei auch immer sehr gierig und unersättlich. 😜😇

Hoffe treffen uns mal, eventuell pasdt das ja

Kontakt über Discord nina08325

Oder hier über den Briefkasten würde mich freuen.

Bis bald Nina

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This poster might not be around anymore but I might play the part of your wife your name sounds familiar might of met in game. Can find me in game at any room usually with bbc in the tittle or bdsm.

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