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After two years enjoying 3dx music and organising events, we celebrate the anniversary of the Red Baron Society. We would like to thank all the djs, dance bands and all of you who have supported us with your presence at our events, your work, your performances and your support. To name a few, Temple of Rock, Guardians of Rock Garage, Paradise Rock, Double D, Wet Angels, Pussy Riot, BDSMetal Gang, Orion Family and TMF. Groups of dancers like MOON dancers, Devil Dancers, Batterfly Babies, Midnight Dance Team, Bare Bunnies, Sun Moon Booties, Moonlight Stars, PlayDancers, Sweet Harmony and Pole Cats. and djs like JYDCockney, Vaper, MaryReadLopez, Nyree, AnneBonnyLopez, RyanFrost, Clodilla,PapaBear, MuffinMunroe, Robbeauman, Dimezz, Crissly, Lillian, HazyRays, MrBikerman, DaniEstrella, Mazikeen and Ganster of the sound.... Not forgetting all the past and present members of the Red Baron Band, and other rock bands like Aphotic, Bones and Fire Angels. And, of course, the members of Beatles Anthology. We love you and thank you for everything.



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