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Time to get those outfits sorted, because tonight is the night.
What will I be wearing tonight? Nothing much.
What is happening tonight? Nothing m... actually...
Find out from 22:00 CET/4pm EST at the one and only Purple Delight.


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Tonight the doors to the Purple Delight open once again.
It will be all about cocktails and cocktales.
My favourite topics all in one event.
It might include screwdrivers and bodyshots as well.
All at the usual time from 22:00 CET / 4pm EST.


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It is Saturday. It means Purple Delight.
There will be all sorts of displays tonight.
Should you be worried? Maybe.
You know the times. Be there.


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The infamous Purple Delight Pool Party Orgy is back again tonight!
It is something you don't want to miss.
But you will miss it if you are not a member of the Purple Delight or a friend of somebody that is.
You still have some time to get that sorted.


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