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back on forums after a ban?


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Its odd back on the forums after 2 year absense.  Even stranger or not is never ever got any reason email or other wise why.  Anyhow that aside not much has changed in that time still same old complaints just new people stating them.  For those of you fairly new watch what and how you say things still some mighty touchy people that put in complaints about any little thing if it does not jibe with there view of things.  Dont mean to sound bitter but then suppose might see this statement itself as such so be it cant control what people think nor would i want to would make the world boring if i could.  Anyway just would really like to know what reason i a was banned for.  Its kinda like court and not being able to see your accusers.  Thats all i have to say just getting it off my chest as civil as i can. Thank you.

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