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version 2.9 (release August 31st, 2022) issue


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I play this game on a MAC through crossover which worked wonderfully until the update.  I can get the new version to work but my character just isn't there on the character editor screen.  When I go to a room I dont see any characters either.  I get to the rooms, but no characters.

The members site use to have the full game download available in addition to downloading the launcher which downloads the down from the internet.  I dont see the full game upload there since the latest update.  Does anyone have the full game download and not just the launcher?

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On 9/10/2022 at 5:56 PM, Kavya said:

Like I mentioned in my comment for your other post, even I'm playing this through crossover on Mac so maybe the issue is related specifically to that? 

It seems to be related to the new version of the game an crossover.  I still had an active Parallel's subscription.  I was able to get the new version of the game to work on Windows 11 through parallel's.  Hoping I can still find a way to get crossover to work again at some point though.

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