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Looking for Descriptive Erotic Role Play!


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Ok the title is only half click bait!



Skittles is a social discord group that likes to get naughty with detailed and descriptive ERPs (we love our purple text). We’re looking for more like-minded scandalous minded people who want to be active in our Discord as well as 3DX. We share jokes, porn, our builds and parts or just chat together.


Eventually we want to host our own events so builders, DJs, dancers, strippers or even people with some graphic design experience for posters (or making posts like this prettier) would be awesome.


  • Gentleman you should be at least comfortable with sharing a lady, bi is a plus, but expect to have pussy that needs your attention
  • Ladies we’re looking for meat lovers who like some clam on the side


We look forward to meeting you! Click below to join!



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