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Hey there,

Im Tonia and i strictly RP a Escort Here to live out my (darkest) Kinks and Fantasys.

I dont like to be a Freelancer so im used to have my Pimp who fully controls me and also takes the Money i make in Form of Gifts. (I know im such a Slut :))

Sadly my actual owner dosnt come on anymore so im desperatly need a new one.

So if you are Black, very Dominant,strict abusive and a Pimp Charakter and want to own a very pervy and obiedient but loyal blonde Slavegirl text me .

Kisses to all 23-44-27-th.jpg.0d8f947dddaee88a88a95c9439535108.jpg23-40-38-white_slave_tumblr-8927.thumb.jpg.787764b8150744f9ed67648876468964.jpg23-41-38-146868116432.thumb.jpg.b4f5a0d43db533bead466a16afb46001.jpg


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