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Hi there!

If you are a RPer in 3DXChat like me, you probably have noticed a surge of RP rooms in game lately. Many rooms in different hours, many flavors to pick from. Will it be a fantasy room today? Perhaps I want tonight to explore an enchanted forest filled with diverse and exotic creatures? Actually scratch that idea, I don't have too much time. I'd like to make a "deposit" and continue with my day. 

Whether it's the first or second mood, wouldn't it be nice to plan ahead and know what to expect in game? Maybe that day you forgot what time do they open, or if they will open at all today. 

Well, thanks to the effort of a couple of crazy people...you have been invited to join the unofficial RP discord server for 3DXChat. In our server, you'll find a vast selection of rooms to explore without the need to be in game. You can see what they offer, and if you have any questions, then ask ahead!

What are you waiting for? Come and be part of this amazing community!


-Unofficial RP 3DXChat discord server staff.

Pd.: You can see a small preview of those rooms in the gallery below. If you have any questions, please comment here or reach out to my DM! See you in discord! :D




unknown (1).png



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The people involved in these communities are so amazing! Trust me, give it a try, it will be unlike anything you've done in 3DX so far! 

And if you don't know how to RP or are nervous about trying it, just let them know, everybody is very patient and would love to help you out :)

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