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ChristopherColins Travel guide to 3DX

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As this is the first entry into my own travel guide here on 3DX..  I will start with a quick Intro and then jump right into the Review.


Hi! I'm Christopher Colin - Photographer - Bartender - and now Review of all things awsome in 3dx


Soooo.. Do you like Adventure? Breathtaking views of sea at sunset? Mildly unsafe Cliff side walks? Well then I have the place for you!

I was recently perusing the server list as you do.. and I saw room called MOFO's @ Sunset.. I thought to my self.. Is this a group of MotherFer*s at sunset or is this some shoddy attempt to get attention.. So I joined..Naturally. Good servers you cant hide from me! I was greeted by the host and a wall of stone rising up to a sign reading MAIN CAMP. Hmm.. well no one ever said onward and downward so up we go! To my astonishment I found a beautiful view of well everything. Your on a Mt. Top! Now this Mt. Top comes with a few perks it has a tent and some chairs as well as a complete dance floor.. I know what your thinking but it is quite tasteful I promise. It has a few winding trails that take you off the beaten path but it is not with out the modern portal amenities. Complete with a full concert stage this place is loaded with goodies to explore. So If your out there looking for a quick adventure and need something new to check out please go and check out MOFO's @ anytimeofday .. You will not be disappointed. This is NOT a huge map so it should load just fine for most people.


As usual I have dropped a few photos I think you will enjoy.



Chris C.

2022-03-28 19-43-05_67804.png

2022-03-28 19-43-44_68976.png

2022-03-28 19-41-53_65635.png

2022-03-28 19-42-37_66970.png

2022-03-28 19-42-11_66176.png

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