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Smooth movements while recording in game.


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Hey everyone, So here's the thing, I use a program to record my rooms when i open them for events.  I usually free cam around.  as long im stationary the video looks great, i can go to any angle record and splice together with my editor program.  The problem I'm having is if i try to pan around or zoom in or out its choppy like you can see the mouse scrolling drag kind of. Same thing if I pan in or out.  What I'm going for here is a smooth pan, tilt, zoom and to be able to "record straight ahead" while moving from left to right. does that make sense?  Any help or advice would be great.  Ive attached a piece of recording, and if you watch it you'll see how its choppy when i scroll. The second video is much smoother and was recorded by someone else and is much smoother and is actually filming forward but moving sideways and at angles.  I guess im looking for that smooth effect.  Is it a program thing? a  mouse thing (thought maybe a wheel mouse would make a difference) or a game settings thing etc.

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