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Well folks....this is the one everyone waits for every year!
I probably get more requests for this one room then The Avengers Tower and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier combined!  lol
Just my opinion....but I think it's Libussa's Joker that makes it stand out the most....EVERYONE has to get a "selfie" with it....lol
I've already got my screenshots with the Joker as HarleyQuinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy.....maybe I'll cross him up this time
and come as a Marvel toon....how about Storm or Mystique? haha
I noticed Spiderman ;eft a strand of webbing in the Bat Cave.....which makes sense ...since Venom is there running on the loose!
I'll find out who Spider-Man really is when I get my upside down kiss on that webbing from one of my suspects....lol
I know one thing....the Batman is not going to be too happy when he sees Deadpool sitting on his Batmobile....with a beer in his hand ofc!     lol
If I was Deadpool ...I'd hop right back on one of those Deadpool cycles parked in there....

All superheroes and villains are welcome to join us.....any fantasy creatures as well  
from vampires to werewolves and everything in between....even Smurfs....lol
If it was in a comic book you're in.   :)
....and don't forget all secret identities are also welcome at The Bat Cave....
if Peter Parker or Clark Kent shows up.....we won't give away your secret..
What happens in the Bat Cave stays in the Bat Cave  :)

cya all tomorrow!

For more info......

Safe Haven #1 3DX Private Discord Server!!   
Over EIGHT HUNDRED members!!!
Need a DJ or dance team for ur room?
We have the largest selection to choose from!



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