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Found 2 results

  1. Lit·tle Fri·day @ Ab·so·lute The Urban dictionary defines Little Friday as the nickname for Thursday. In other words, Friday just called, it said it would be here tomorrow and its bringin' the alcohol! Whether you are struggling through your week, just cruisin', or you are ready, willing and desperately waiting for Friday, join us in Absolute where the hard rock will help carry you through the most challenging part of the week. Thursdays are officially known as "Little Fridays" here at Absolute. Rock starts at 8pm EST with DJ Rae. * This is the official (and continual) thread for Little Fridays. Stop by for weekly updates, time changes or cancellations.
  2. dec·ades at ab·so·lute Every decade, a period of ten years, music has proven to change and to grow so much, that it is worthy to look at each decades idea of hard rock and examine how it has influenced today's bands. Starting with the 70's, a time reflecting the antiwar and counterculture sentiments and the political unrest that carried over from the 60's; tie dye shirts, ponchos, bell-bottoms, gauchos, and frayed jeans; lava lamps and vinyl records; Mork and Mindy (rest in peace Robin Williams); Apocalypse Now, Alien, Superman, Grease, and - The Godfather (it gives 'to the mattress' a completely different meaning) and - the beginning of the Star Wars empire (see what I did there?); and the list goes on. But mostly it was the beginning of the journey of what people considered to be 'heavy metal'. Roots of heavy metal come from bands like Blue Cheer and Jimmy Hendrix but officially the first band cited as heavy metal is... Come to Absolute on Little Friday for that answer, and you will understand the musical journey of hard rock through the 70's and beyond. This will be a five week series as we go through the decades, exploring the various influences to the music you listen to today.
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