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Found 57 results

  1. @Cinammon @Animay and one of the greatest synth bands of all time... Edited just now by Animay
  2. A Pussy Riot night of guilty pleasures from Pina Colada to Steel Panther (and everything in between) from @Mulan @HazyRays & @danididit, our resident queens of sleaze and cheese! Bring your big hair for this one!
  3. Pussy Riot's shy little sister returns this Sunday for a Blues night at Keely's serene lakeside. @Eyleen and @Mulan will rock you with smooth blues grooves, then @danididit hosts an after party for all the night birds on the water.
  4. Come on in to the Newly Reopened Underground Club! Same great music by our Dj's and Same great people that make it fun. The Club has now been honored with the Regular players in the Venom Band, A new stage and set up for them and the dancers that join them along with a remodel of other areas has now been added. We are excited to bring you the Music that is Life, and hope you will join us weekly for the fun. We open at 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, and close at 11:00 PM EST.
  5. Pussy Quiet returns this Saturday to its new home. . . Keely's serene lakeside. . . and two beautiful, eclectic sets from @Cinammon (Bumblebee) and Storm Kitty @shirya who brings with her the fantasy magic of Alqualonde. . . Drop in, chill out and let all your cares slip away like the soft ripples in the water. . . 8:00 PM CEST
  6. Pussy Riot's shy little sister returns this Saturday in a new home. . . Keely's serene lakeside. . . and four wonderfully varied and eclectic sets from @Sylviex @JojoJoana @Zoë and @MidnightMist Drop in, chill out and let all your cares slip away like the soft ripples in the water. . . 8:00 PM CEST
  7. 5 years Rock im Bunker (possible to download, up to 4k) ..give a look look it in 1080hp..... Studio 54 ( New) Rockvideo (New)
  8. This Sunday at Pussy Riot: Fast Fiamma, Lemmy Kilmisty ( @MidnightMist ) and our very own Ace of Spades, @BlackVelvet. Get yer boots on, the JD is free! 8:30 PM CEST
  9. im so old here
  10. Pussy Riot is proud to present a night of @MidnightMistand Mystery… Come and party and see if you can unmask our mew-sterious guest DJ…
  11. Magik's new world is open and we are throwing a Grand Opening Party on Thursday April 2, 9:00 PM est. The DreamGirls are dancing and prancing! We got hot DJs Jamie Lynn and Charity Fine who happens to be me! Fun Fun Fun! Please make it if you can Limbo is a fun place to party and to explore.
  12. A Very special 2 Day Event is coming to you this Saturday, March 14th and Sunday March 15, as a 2nd Annual Event aboard the Intergalactic Starrship Sinsual, our Dj StarrFyre's own Interplanetary Starship! We invite & Welcome Everyone to come and hear our amazing set of 16 Dj's from many different countries who are participating in this special Event. DJ StarrFyre will be in attendance and will close out the event on Sunday evening. We begin each day at 4:00 PM EDT and end at 12:00 PM Midnight both days. Starship Sinsual's DJ's Come in and have an "Out of this World Experience!"
  13. It would be nice to have some other couple dance 🥰
  14. Four DJs @Zoë @Eyleen @Sylviex & @MidnightMist and four amazing, eclectic playlists stuffed with the coolest cover versions imaginable. And cos we know that many BDSMetal kitties need to climb under their covers early on Sundays, we're starting early at 7 PM CET So what are your favourite cover versions, and why?
  15. One birthday, five hours of mewsic, five great DJs: @MidnightMist, @Maron, @Icebox, @shirya & @LillianLangte. PUSSY RIOT has purred into 2020 and is celebrating its first anniversary on January 25, prettier and kittier than ever. So, join us for an evening of feeling groovy and groovy felines – including our very own, The Slush Kitties, riding the poles and rockin’ the room for the very first time. We may only be one, but we’re the one and only place to be this Saturday. Come on down and celebrate, and bring your riot gear. . .
  16. Report post Posted 29 minutes ago (edited) Pussy Riot takes great pride in this shameless celebration of sensual sounds specially chosen by @MidnightMist @Sylviex and @Zoë: smooches and slow dances… songs to strip off your stockings to… music for making out! Just the place for all our “Innocence Personifiedeth” Gangsters who want to kneel and “pray”. So, come and spend a sexy Xmas at Pussy Riot – It might just be a riot of pussy…
  17. You are all cordially invited to THE SOAP FACTORY ooo0000ooo The Grand Opening of THE SOAP FACTORY. Too Dirty for Soap - Be there or be clean!!! All Are Welcome. FRIDAY 21 SEPT 2018 AT 7.00 PM EST. MIDNIGHT - GMT (+5) with the ONE & ONLY DJ SHOVEL - WILD & FREE WITH A LIL BIT OF DEVIL! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE and beyond !
  18. The GRAND OPENING OF The Amazing, "WILD RIVER CLUB!" Come and Enjoy, Everyone is welcome and we have Doc Q Returning as our Opening DJ! A Very Special Come back Performance and our own Dance team will make their debut as well. So mark this date on your Calendar, Wednesday December 4th beginning at 8 PM EST~! Be There or be Square!
  19. Others may try to imitate, but there is only one "Legendary" Gone Country. The best in the Country Music you want to hear, the Best Friends both Old and New, the most fun you can have with your boots on (or off), and the very best LIVE DJs on all of 3DX. Add it all up and it's why Gone Country is still, and continues to be, the Legend since June of 2016. Join us this and every Tuesday evening, 6 pm EDT, and see what the Legend is all about!
  20. Love Country-Western Music? If so, then this is for you! An Evening of the best in Country Western Music brought to you by MacyD, Trey, Wild Honey and a Special Surprise Guest. Saturday, August 24th Starting at 7:00 PM EST going until Midnight or until the Cock Crows! Honeyville is a Whole Town, with a Jailhouse, Bungalows, Saloon and Grill and a hay barn with band stand and bales of hay scattered about. Don't miss it. Come prepared for loads of Red Neck humor and good old fashioned drinks to wet your whistle with. Tips are Optional
  21. For those who do not know about or have met Dj Chilles, (Avatar name Achilles) He is the man responsible for the ability to do live broadcasts of music with Djs by developing the system for it. So, basically he is the first Dj of 3DX. He defined the standards of excellence back when he began. I hope you all will come out and hear this fine musician and DJ. It will be well worth your time. ALL are Welcome!
  22. Its Time for the Next Underground Special Event! Presenting: Naughty Nights at Wet N Wild, The Best Beach ROOM EVER! DATE: Saturday, June 15th. Times: From 7 PM EST to Midnight EST with the AFTERPARTY being DJ'd by Handsome Devil until whenever he passes out or you all have had enough :-)
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