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Found 25 results

  1. Hello , today i wanted to talk about room ranking from 3dxchat buisness point of view and new players point of view . Many people complain about rooms rankings mostly the newer ones. How does the current room rank works now ? The room with the most people in it is higher on list this ranking tho isnt fair for newer people they are always doomed to be down on the list . The more known people always on top no exeptions and i put my self in this i nver had issues i never spend much gold cause people know me same applies to other known people but its not fair for new players . So my suggestion is the room ranking be by time open, the earlier the day a room has opened the higher in the list will be n so on . This will make it more fair for all people (new players side ) and ofcourse will allow people to spend more xgold (3dxchat side) its known fact that all known people including me dont spend xgold and newer people spend way more and i think its not fair . So my suggestion covers 2 sides i care 3dxchat side to earn more money from xgold and new players side to have a more fair game and more chances. will also help reduce spam ...who are those that spam ? ask ur selfs its rooms that dont have people so they spam to get more attention changing the room ranking system will change all that in a better way giving everyone same oportunities ❤️ have fun everyone
  2. hello everyone this is a thread that i will be posting all my builds in one place and how they progressing ofc all my builds are for those that want them and are via donations expressing their love to each said build and All the builds will come in unlimited numbers so to clarify this 1 club or whatever will go to many players n not just one . Ofcource special requested rooms are only for one n the one requested it from me but my presets rooms are for many ill start this year with Next Gen 2 club
  3. First i wanna say we get cool stuff for next update for all orientations straight gay bi etc i also wanna thank Gizmo for the photo poses ,i had ask few months back for poses that can be used in my erotic galleries that i had started and now we got 3 photo pose that will allow us to make more erotic photo shoots Now i will point out that we need more bend over poses n ofcourse more 3 some it will be good cause many ppl incuding me making movies and upload those movies in many platforms with thousand viewers and that is a awesome advertizment for 3dxchat Anyway good job Gizmo n lisa <3
  4. hello everyone This is my 1st part of my erotic gallery i share with you preview download link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=15HM77ygx3Dg_ollqb7cZksjl5KsJSCJn more stuff here : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/ Enjoy <3
  5. Hello everyone In this thread i wanna say things i learned in 3dxchat n how my gaming experience became so much helpful due to playing the game <3 1st a lil bk round short story i was always a trance lover n spend most of my time on Youtube listening all kinds of music ofc im a anime lover also,due to the fact that for my papa im still small they not let me go out at nights in clubs etc So my free time was devided on youtube anime n coffee early with university friends. Then one magic day i saw a Youtube video of 3dxchat consisting of a party ppl dancing all arround with trance music and that was for me i had to try this game i started playing 3dxchat going to parties etc watching (djs playing music) then i had this strong desire to be also be able to play my favorite music in the way i want so slowly i started to learn to dj later i even took lessons still do and i love so much mix live the music i love . So point to 3dxchat cause even tho its a game i learned something and i love what i learned So i kept playing 3dxchat and i had also the chance to see people in various situations that i didnt have the chance to experience in real life exept in school but in school people there almost all same age but in 3dxchat various age n people ,i went through good n bad stuff here but i dont regret anything cause i saw how people are . So another point for 3dxchat i kept playing 3dxchat n i came to love build rooms , i build rooms 16 months now and i have to say i realy love it so i made my blog post rooms i build there etc and now i wanna do n learn more stuff so i thought i learn 3D design etc . So after a talk with my papa and after he saw my blog n what i build and what i dream for the future he agreed so i go to a 3D design school <3 So another big point for 3dxchat personaly i found some realy cool stuff to do and im so happy so i made this thread as a appreciation n to say a big Thank you to 3dxchat MUACKS 3DXCHAT
  6. Hello everyone Lately i noticed on forum n in private chats people having a hard time cause of bad people stalking them or try track them down to make their life bad cause they have been rejected etc So here i will mention few ways so your gaming experience be safe 1st when you Go in a room n listen to music people can track ur IP ur country etc so to avoid that there are few steps. Step one i call it the silly step hehe close music on ur settings Step two important one Get a vpn n always play via that vpn (with a vpn u can choose from where u want to be shown n ofc have another IP ) So bad stalkers cant track you Step 3 also important Buy ur selfs few emails to use for ur game accounts. emails are bound to phone numbers so by buying a email that email will not associate with ur true phone so again bad stalkers cant track u down sendeing them track myths n legends lol. Step 4 never share real life pics sharing a real pic means that bad ppl can simply drag n drop said pic in lets say google image n search for that pic thus track u down There are way more stuff you can do so u enjoy playing game n be safe but for now ill stick with those few simple stuff that are easy to implement . If you ever have problems with stalkers that try make ur life difficult always contact Gizmo n his team for further help Have fun n be safe everyone <3
  7. meoww everyone as the title states im gonna talk about how to find ur long waited partner So how ? lemme say first that it might be a game but some real life principles also exist here example in real life a girl will never accept a guy that is bad dressed or look like he doesnt take care him self now u might wonder wth she talking about lol ..so lemme tell you i see many guys run arround naked then they come talk to u ect ITS a Big NO before u even come closer think about it u run here n there naked lol no girls will accept u also ur clothe choices ..even tho we dont have many clothe choices know how to dress n have a cool image is a must i would never look a bad dressed guy ...why ? simple cause he might not look cool n nice clothe wise ...its very important to know how to dress you might say its a game ...sure but if what we see isnt nice n we dont like it we will never date you same in real life . if u say now ..come on Alivia are u serious ? i will ask you do u date ugly avis n ugly dressed avis ? personaly i dont cause i dont like what i see so appearance is very very important for the first step . After the first impression on how you look etc comes the chat that will allow you to learn the said person you like n build an atmospere some might say its a sex game lol ...well you call this game whatever you want but if ur sloppy n dont know how to chat No gilrl will date you lines like hi BB cold invites in appartments out of the blue ,sex refferences from the first talk ,love ur ass etc n many of that kind lines will get you no where Girls have tons of opportunities to do what they want not to mention we wont die if we dont do sex there are more fun stuff that we do so if u want to get close you need to know how to talk ,be smart , be funny ,be kind , be considerate. So dont run arround naked it look so bad ,wear nice clothes combine them in a cool way ,choose nice colors ,take care ur self n ur appearance before u decide to talk to girls. forgot to mention the ninja friend requests lol ...what you expect by sending a ninja out of the blue friend request ? No one will accept that lol...why accept a friend request if said person hasnt spoke a single word why lol last ...READ profiles so you get some hints and start a conversation ,trust me it will also save you time ..cause for example if u dont read profiles u might hitting on girl that is married or whatever . Hope i helped you a lil muacks
  8. hello everyone well to keep it simple If you love 3dxchat as i do please help with ur awesome cool comments in this link n help our Game flourish n grow thank you in advance <3 https://forum.fenoxo.com/threads/sex-social-game.15625/ ive been many months now there advertizing our beloved game to rest of the world later i might give you more forum n social media that we can support the game we all Love <3
  9. hello everyone As the title states In game market for 3dxchat and the need for it . Now before you all RIOT on me lemme say how this market will be n how potentialy could work n what are the benefits 1st lets face it 3Dxchat is a awesome game but lacks many stuff ,3dxchat can be so much more if only could provide some cool stuff. So how a In game market will help n how it will work ? In game market will be able to provide clothes n a variety of accesories by hiring free lancer creators to make the clothes and other stuff . then those creators could upload those stuff in the ingame market for a certain amount of xgold and sexgamedevill could pay those freelancer creators every mopnth depending their sales ofc 3dxchat will cut that everyday 300 xgold tip that give us everyday If ppl like for example a dress or whatever there is on that in game market they can buy it with xgold . PS no one is forced to buy anything only those that can n want ppl that are here for sex n dont care about clothes or accesories they can keep run arround naked n ppl that wanna try more clothes etc n be cool ofc they can buy with xgold Now the big question will the in game market be good for game and the players ? lemme say this since no one is forced to buy anything there is no harm Also those freelancer creators will provide stuff that ppl need and again who ever wants to buy will buy . lets face it 3dxchat lacks essential updates lacks social updates to make game keep going . the Social aspect of the Game player base wise is so much bigger Dj parties n events everywhere that aint focus solely on sex Saddly dev team cant keep up with what players are asking they need help to make more content . Gizmo n lisa can focus on making poses n update for all and free lancer creators do clothes accesories etc PS we dont try make another second life game or whatever we try help game flourish n provide a better experience for all people to have fun when they play it . Game need more stuff ppl asking for years The ingame market will sove this problem . If people say No need a ingame market just devs need to hire more ppl make updates ...well ill say this buying 1 year with only 65 euro is so low that dont leave much gain for dev team to get more ppl .micro transactions help n support games so a in game market will do that n many more . For old players its very clear that if we dont change tactic we not gonna see more cool stuff so steps forward needs to be taken. So with all that being said i think No one will deny the fact that we need this . if u take all the facts into account you will see that dev team cant hire more ppl with the money they earn now . So the only way for us to see more stuff without devs go broke the in game market will solve this <3
  10. Hi everyone This thread is about build tricks that I will share for faster build some may know some not so this thread is for those that dont here is my first As u can see in the pic u have made a round platform and u wanna dress it with bars so u cant fall in water . you have put some initial bars arround the platform n now u want to make some horizontal ones . well the only thing u have to do is make only 2 of them in opposite direction ,then group those 2 .now since i made those vertical bars with 15 angle rotation ill use same angle for the horizontal and first ill copy and then ill start make new ones in perfect place i will keep copy n rotate in 15 deegre angle then ill delete spare ones n we good to go u now perfectly have dressed the bars its only a matter of few seconds stay tuned for next build trick muack
  11. Hi everyone short storry is that i wanted to make a erotic-sex gallery ,so started shoot pics n then making props for sexy posing for the pics ,so slowly i build more n more twicked poses for my gallery that u can download here for free ....for now http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8087-alivias-erotic-gallery/ anyway lets see those twicked poses i made for the needs of my photography meowww thats for now hope Gizmo give us soon sex pose editor so we create amazing stuff
  12. Hi everyone i just wanted to wish eachone n everyone a happy new year with lots of fun ,love,laughs,health,friends in ur life and all ur wishes come true So happy new year n happy 2019 to everyone and i mean litteraly to everyone <3 muackssssssssssss
  13. Hello everyone you all know im a trance lover n not many trance room open everyday that can provide live uplifting trance good lights so avis look nice pool so u chill n listen n ofc sex area with again cool lights to make graphics shine in their true potential n not be like cartoonish . So i build this club that i will Open everyday playing Trance mostly uplifting trance and from time to time special events with djs So this club will have dance area bars to chill n drink , sex area with awesome lights ,pool to chill relax n listen to music lets see a preview pic for my early build
  14. Hello this post is only for those i have gave rooms the past months via donations. since we got now some new mats including doors if u wanna add this door or do a lil update u can always pm me so i fix that for you. Alivia always provide support to the rooms that has been given via donations ps please understand that it might take time cause i have given hundrends be it houses clubs yachts w/e anyway just pm me
  15. hello sweet 3dxchat ppl this time i have a gothic castle not very big this time n not futuristic in order to build this i did some research in gothic style building of the past so i give it this look important : when castle is ready it will go to many people that want this castle and not to just one ofc via donations since its a cool big job so with that being said n made it clear lets see some early pics of this build gothic style arches ofc ill keep u updated on the progress have a good day
  16. meoww sweet 3dx ppl here is a new sex/party villa clean build ofc ,cool lights awesome uplifting enviroment to make ur mood made with cool color combinations so if u want to have a awesome Sex room or party room that ppl can also have sex this is a nice choice Pm me if u wanna get this (via donations only) still in progress but finishing soon
  17. Hello everyone I call this Pleasure room, few words about this room, This room is for ppl that like to shoot pics or vids or just to have fun . We know this game have the best graphics but with bad lights graphics are like going down So my focus here is the lights n how they make Avi body seem. So If ur a porn director or a photographer or u juts wanna have fun n have the best graphics for another level of experience this is the room u have to get Also i have made some artifacts that can be used for pose pics lets see some pics see how the lights reflect so nice on the body making look so good i made those pose devices 1 year back but never used them so now its time very usefull for photographers to take pics etc here i made kinda a pose,man can sit on couch n masturbate in the face of the girl its all about good lights in the right position see how light can make body look with every detail so good in above pic every single muscle line or however it callled hehehe Anyway thats for now room still WIP So this room is for porn directors n photographers to shoot their movies with the best possible lights so Avis n graphics look awesome or just for those that wanna have the best sex experience n graphics . PM me to order this room
  18. Hi its me ur friendly next door lil Alivia comming bk with an island as u know i love blue sky blue sea n cool sun so since world editor upgrades slowly we (i ) upgrade n make new stuff If you wanna chill in a awesome stractured island with waterfalls n many cool stuff i will open in 10 mins here are some pics My latest chair design and table new cool area to sit -chill or have sex another new design i made 2 seat comfortable chair new umbrellas and waterfalls
  19. Aliviax

    MY new Yact

    Hi everyone im so happy to show you my new yacht . short history is that chris n me we do 2 yachts. This is my version n later ill post my bf version So This yacht isnt huge but not small has 3 decks last deck can be used to host parties has my next Gen club dj booth as u can see has also that lovely pool . many areas to sit dance have sex party . bars total of 3 pools works in day n also in night mode cause i worked it for both day n night, cool lights . This yacht is suitable for everything u wanna do in 3dxchat be it Dj parties -sex parties -hang out etc etc . If you want this just pm me n we will discuss how u can get this awesome yacht
  20. Hello its me ur friendly next door Lil Alivia with another club This one is a miracle of architecture tho well im lazy to say more so lets see some pics Available now via donations ofc so pm me if you want to get this awesome club for ur parties remeber this club have been made with the awesome 3dxchat world editor so support 3dxchat by buy a sub or some xgold so we enjoy this awesome game have i told you that latest researches showed that the more accounts u have the more likely to succed in whatever u want to do in the game personaly i have 2 accounts 1 party account Alivia n one build account that i will not mention as it never goes public only builds same time as i party with my main account To sum it up its worth getting a second account ,third etc
  21. Hello everyone This is the Aquadome (Alivia rework-Remake) So a few words about this Few days back i went to a room that stelania had open n i realy loved the big pool theme as i love pools so much. while i stayed there some ideas hit me on how to further evolve this room. So i asked n she told me room was on modz so i went there got the room n started to build it a new . Now at this point i want to mention that AQUADOME SPA was build by TracyRyan so good job tracy ok here is how Aquadome was originaly And bellow how it became Anyway to sum it up i started breaking the room n started build it a new but i wanted to keep many stuff as tribute to the other builder and the result is this <3 New rooms design Still working on some stuff so i havent finished yet Its a completely new room but still keeps a lil taste of the first room as tribute cause i liked the idea
  22. Hello sweeet ppl <3 i hope ur ready for the New tropical island . This one tho is full version ,full deco ,also different layout . Many awesome beach,many hidden places ,many stuff to explore . have u done hiking on 3dx? hehe now you will ,you will want to explore this massive yet light tropical island . each spot in this island has been build so view from all sides to be awesome . ok lets see some pics ,tho i was lazy take many pics cause i have to upload then copy paste here here is a taste If you like my job you can always donate on my blog n remeber all this have been build with 3dxchat awesome world editor so plz support 3dxchat the game we all love by buying a subscription or buy some xgold so we get more cool tools <3 Download: https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/p/tropical-island.html bellow pcs on my blog there is a google drive link of the file Also file has been cleaned with chloes remove duplicates tool awesome tool if u wanna avoid duplicates objects ty
  23. Hi everyone this idea for a stracture hit me so i started build this Its the house that only Gods can live inside started 20 mins ago so its WIP here some pics . accepting pre orders for anyone that want this here a lil preview
  24. Aliviax


    hello spooky ppl here some pics of my winged skeleton 157 kb 1 skeleton .1 kb is arround 8 props if i remeber
  25. ALIVIA&LUVENUS YACHT (NUDE EDITION)PARTY FOR THE REBIRTH OF THE LUVENUS To say a few words i remeber my 1st days here on the game n Luvenus had some awesome parties n i had an awesome time. So with this CO OP party i wanna be there for them to witness& party their Rebirth. Music ill be linking my mixcloud sets that i have uploaded n ill work for 1 more for this party if u dont like boat music. Party starts 6 pm CET
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