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Found 4 results

  1. It seems to me theres confusion who is deleting topics and why. I believe Gizmo shuts them for 24 hrs and at least warns us and gives a brief explanation. I think OP's are deleting topics with no warnings, no explanations and no thought that people may have given a lot of thought and care to their replies and helped to make their topic successful. This is personally why I do not think that OP's should have that power. The topics belong to forum and if they delete on a whim, I'm not sure I want to be bothered and take part in any of the discusions any more. Why should I if its deleted without explanaton? The topic that seems to have disappeared, without due notice was the one discussing whether 3dxchat should be shared with a RL partner and if VL is considered cheating. It was an interesting and informative discussion. It was good to read others point of views even if I didnt always agree with them. Anyone know why this topic was deleted and by whom?
  2. Come on people, Lets have fun with this! ALSO, add some spice... if you are OPEN to it, tell what the genders are of your avi's! MUAH to all @ 3DxChat!!!! You guys keep me entertained and I LOVE IT!!! <3
  3. How do I delete a topic that I no longer want to stay on the forum?
  4. Ok you guys/girls! It's time to show 3DxChat just how business has boomed over these past 3 years. I KNOW that most of us have brought other players from other virtual world games over to 3DxChat! You can be discrete about it, and just vote, OR if you feel froggy, please do tell us how many people you brought over and who they are to you (boyfriend/exboyfriend, girlfriend/exgirlfriend, friend, lover/exlover, etc....... I look forward to seeing where this poll GOES!! AND I WILL START: I was brought here by a friend/sister, PrincessSparkleButt from the game IMVU. I then in return I brought my boyfriend at the time, on IMVU, but is now my exboyfriend.
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