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Found 13 results

  1. The XS Shadow Lady, DJ Empress PalpaTine-XS herself will let the Shadows dance! Celebrate a great party again in the BDSMetal Gang's best room of the year 2020, in the Shadow Gallery!
  2. After breaking the sonic barrier of age last year, getting promoted to our Winglady because of her wisdom, now the XS-Shadow WingLady Empress DJ PalpaTine XS Will now accelerate to break the “Altes Weib” (Old Woman) barrier soon! You are all invited to celebrate this great event for Tine-XS (3DX Christine XS) together with the ☣BDSMetal Gang☣ November, the 17th at 20:00 CET
  3. The Shadow Gallery of ChristineXS was voted to be the best room for BDSMetal Gang events in 2020. Syl the French Frog and the XS Shadow Lady DJ Empress PalpaTine will rock the Shadow Gallery through its 1 Year Anniversary!
  4. The Shadow Gallery of @Tine-XS was voted to be the best room with BDSMetal Gang events in 2020. Dancing Shadows may have been the first occurrence ever in 3DX in this room. The Shadow Gallery is meant to rock, the owner might be only a little Lady but she rocks, this time from A to Z along the guest’s requests!
  5. Gast DJ ShaneDarko and Gang DJ Clodilla and the XS Shadow Lady PalpaTine will kick asses and make the Shadows dance!
  6. It is Saturday Rock again with DJ KJ, PalpaTine XS and DaniEstralla kicking our asses to wiggle!
  7. The Shadows will dance again when the doors of the Shadow Gallery will be opened for great rock music brought into our ears by Alathea, Lone★ and the great XS Shadow Lady DJ PalpaTine herself!
  8. The Shadows will dance again when the the XS Shadow Lady ChristineXS, known as our Tine and DJ PalpaTine celebrates her 5th 3DXChat anniversary. Rocking your ass off: Pandion, Damcles, Feuermond and, the XS Shadow Lady herself, DJ PalpaTine
  9. The Shadows will dance again on a bluesy evening with DJ Syl and the XS Shadow Lady PalpaTine herself in the mix.
  10. The Shadows will dance again with rock brought into our ears by DJ CoraGaga, Allissia and the XS Shadow Lady PalpaTine herself.
  11. May 2021 Issue of the 3DX magazine Don’t miss our Release Party of the 5th issue May 2021 with our first Huntress of the Month selected by a competition and the reader's voting. With music from DJ Palpatine, Pandion, Philine, Baghera and the Bare Bunnies dancing https://discord.gg/7HE78RBMJt
  12. PETHUNTER ★★★★★ 2nd Issue / 2. Ausgabe We hope to see you all when we release our 2nd issue and to bring the right music for the party into your ears with DJ (PalpaTine) Tine XS, the Rockwitch band and DJane Devil. Wir hoffen Euch alle zu sehen, wenn wir unsere 2. Ausgabe veröffentlichen und Euch durch DJ (PalpaTine) Tine XS, die Rockwitch Band und DJane Devil zur Party die richtige Musik in die Ohren bringen lassen.
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