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Found 2 results

  1. Don’t worry, this is not another party announcement. There are already plenty of Breast Cancer Awareness parties on the calendar and I’m sure that most of you have no interest in yet another being added. After doing this for so many years, I have also come to realise that hosting a party really doesn’t get across the message that I want to share with everyone. So with that in mind, this year Think Pink will not be a simple one and done party with a few social media posts to promote it. Instead, this year’s Think Pink event will be a month-long social media campaign aimed at delivering bite-sized ‘must know’ information to anyone who is willing to take a few moments each day to have a quick read. I genuinely believe that is not too much to ask of each and every one of you and I promise to keep them short. My hope is that this campaign can have a real and meaningful impact on anyone who is receptive to the message and motivated to make positive changes to safeguard their wellbeing. To get things rolling, here are some great links that I highly recommend you check out!
  2. We would like to invite you all to show your support for breast cancer awareness by thinking pink at Angels of Desire. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - a time to wear pink or dye your hair pink in an attempt to raise people's awareness of this terrible disease and to promote the need for simple self-checks and to encourage friends and loved ones to do the same. The earlier a breast cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is likely to be to treat it and the better the chance of cure. While the Angels of Desire rockclub will be thinking pink for all of October, we will also be throwing a special party specifically with the intention of raising awareness for this cause. If you want to show your support, please join us in wearing pink and enjoying a great evening of rock, metal and funk music. When: Monday October 17th 7 PM CET 6 PM BST 1 PM EST 4 AM ACT Where: Angels of Desire Rockclub 2.0 Dress code: Wear Pink - Think Pink And bringing you the music will be: 7:00 - 8:00 CET: AmandaHThomas 8:00 - 9:00 CET: Xanar 9:00 - 10:00 CET: LauraTWK 10:00 - 11:00 CET: SayaX And even if you are not interested in this event or cannot make it on the night, please still think pink this October - you can still make a difference! If you would like to learn more, please check out Caren's post where she has included some great information.
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