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  1. Hello 3DX Community! We are pleased to introduce you to 3DXChat 2.8. Thank you to everyone who supported us and took part in testing The main innovation is the accessory system. Here is a brief description of it: Accessories category (Head and Body have separate buttons) Select the location point on the character's body to place the accessory Choose an accessory item Choose a color or remove an item Download You can update the game by simply running the game, but we recommend a clean install: Download link How to install Make sure that you install the game in an empty directory Start 3DXChat.exe What's new: Accessories: Earrings, Rings, Tails, Wings, Headphones (M and F); Poses; Clothes, shoes, hats; Tights and stockings; Hairstyles; New skyboxes: Above the clouds, Space; Prints on clothes and underpants; New shapes and materials in world editor; Fix compatibility of shoes and pants; Security fixes; New FPS limit options added: 75, 100, 120; Fast SSAO, HBAO 1, HBAO 2. We removed the old SSAO effect from the game because it is buggy for many players. Instead, we added 3 effects to choose from: Fast SSAO - works fast on any hardware, low quality; HBAO 1 - optimal performance and good quality; HBAO 2 - a large load on the graphics card and better quality + the effect of colored shadows. Example of the HBAO 2 effect: Known issues: We are aware of a few known issues in this release, we will address them in the next hotfix. one pair of pants don't compatible with shoes compatibility of some underpants with some top clothing Please report any bugs found in this topic Content:
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