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Found 1 result

  1. Hello 3DX Chat Community. Crazy, Sexy, Cool Events is bringing to you a 3DX Winter Fashion Show. (Small print(to be read quickly or skimmed) : Yes we know that there are limited clothing options, especially for the guys. But hey it is a party and we can use our imaginations. I have seen some ladies put some nice looks together) What we are looking for is a few members of the community to be one of the following: Models: We need about eight ladies and four guys for models. Designers: We are looking for three designers as we have three currently. Photographers: We would like to do a photo shoot of the models and we will also need photos of the event. Announcer/Emcee: (We have one in mind, I will be honest, but we will need a second just in case). The theme is winter with a highlight of winter holidays. So we are looking for: Cocktail and formal looks, think Christmas and New Year's Eve.Snow and Ice.Casual (think ski wear or hiking)Lingerie/Sexy The location will be at the Sin Club. More details to come. Please PM Cam, Pashion, or Staci if you would like to participate by being a model, photog, designer, or Announcer/Emcee. (We ask that designers submit a look to one of us, we will use the most creative looks to choose a designer. A voting panel will be assembled for this to keep it fair.) As always any suggestions are welcomed. We would like to work with the community to make this a fun experience for everyone. So bring your imaginations and let's do this!
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