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Found 2 results

  1. I'm thinking that having the possibility to change penis size would give some form of depth and characteristic style to the game. We all prefer something. Maybe you could change the size by a slider or change the size by clicking Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL There could be special sizes that cost money Hope someone would support this idea, I can see the potential to a more in-depth gameplay (It might be tricky to make I think)
  2. Hey there dear builders! As a fellow builder I'd like to open this thread to collect some information on building efficiently. That means, like everyone knows, that rooms will take longer to load and are starting to lag under certain circumstances. I'd like to collect tips for everyone who plans big projects, in order to still have everyone running the room smoothly and prevent crashes and lags. I'll start off with things that will cause trouble when building: • The larger the .world - file, the longer it takes to load and might cause crashes when joining a room. • .world - files are bloated easily when using many small objects at the same place, together with lights. The light will be rendered for every single object. • Overusing lightsources will cause lag and increased filesize (needs more testing) • Overusing animated objects will cause lag and increased filesize (trees, fire, steam, smoke, etc.) • many people in the same world will cause lag • poorly attached metal-surfaces will catch light and endlessly reflect it between gaps, creating rendering errors. You will notice those as white flickers on your screen. This is all I can currently think of. If you have any tips to prevent those points I (and probably many other people) would be really glad! I know that the Unity engine isn't coded perfectly. Maybe there will be some improvements soon. My room for example is already laggy for quite a few people. But i don't want to lose any quality there. Things I've done so far: • Use Chloe's Tool to remove duplicated objects (Thank you so much Chloe! 4500 Dupes removed, 260 kB less roomsize! <3 ) • Reduced resolution • remodeled structures to reduce the number of used objects However, let's see if someone can help us out! Yours Llavia! ^-^/
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