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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone So Project Alivia ..what is this .. Short story ..i wanted tons of stuff in game from .. tons of make ups tons of facial customization body customization hair variations different breasts types piercings-tails elf ears you name more realistic eyebrows and in many shapes ... i could mention 1 million stuff i wanted but anyways .. So what i did is started to recreate my Avatar from the ground up from 0 in blender how i Did it ... 1st ) i used the tattoo obj body and head to meassure proportions ....then i used a basic mesh body and head and a tecnique called ...projection 3d box modeling and sculpting to shape it the way i wanted and to be true to my avatar proportions So what i did was to take tons of pictures from my ingame avatar and i used those pics as projection to do my recreation ......well i could use the obj body and save ton of time of remaking from 0 but i know those obj bodies have many issues ...from holes from non bridged vertices etc actually wherever the seem was to unwrap and make the uvs those vertices arent connected even in game so if i used the tattoo obj body i would come across many modeling and shading issues in the future ..so yes projection 3d box modeling and sculpting is the way .. 2nd) for more details i used in sculpt mode a multires modifier and went from 5k faces to over 5 million for more details and pass all that info to another body on 50 k faces via baking maps and apply them to the model .. fast forward now ... i rigged the model and weight paint it then ofc test the rig if it works as i wanted made new eyes and eyebrows ....and ofc starting making the elf ears currently im working on creating tons of make ups -eyebrow shapes -many nose types -hair variations . finished nose piercing and nipple piercing also what purpose all this serves ?.... 1st its for my own fun 2nd its awesome practice for me to move in bigger stuff and .... 3d it might give the developers here many cool ideas to implement in this game for the avatars lots of work still to be done so i have everything i ever wished for my avatar
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