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Found 14 results

  1. Relax this Sunday and help us light up the night at Lake Keely with cool and calming collections from @Animay, @janeukk, @HazyRays and @Dota. There will be love, laughter and lanterns, and two very special anniversaries to celebrate, as the lakeside's mellow mists bid summer farewell and beckon the autumn...
  2. NAKED FULL MOON Maya Edition, find the Gold Doors will open at 8 PM CEST Welcome to NAKED FULL MOON get rid of your clothes and dance the night away have fun and be free xoxox With Live DJ's MaxineJuicer, DJ Vos, AWahba, Sherrie and AmethystThalia
  3. Come party on Sunday Morning, September 27th from 1000-1600 CET/4am-10am EDT on top of the mountain. The Callista will feat. DJs Spratek, Dyllan D, and Katka spinning the tunes for the event. Dance on the dance floor, relax in our relaxation rooms or in our private rooms!
  4. Yes, after 2 years the NAKED FULL MOON party is back Doors will open at 8 PM CEST with DJ MaxineJuicer live Welcome to NAKED FULL MOON get rid of your clothes and dance the night away have fun and be free xoxox With Live DJ's MaxineJuicer, DJ Vos, AWahba, Sherrie and AmethystThalia
  5. Promyscira! This Sunday, August 16th from 400-1800 US EST/10-2400 CEST. Promyscira is my new island home with plenty of room to party, relax and enjoy with friends. Explore the many hidden places on the island - swim with the sharks, dolphins or even with the turtles. Music provided by 7 DJs throughout the 14 hour event - Katka, XXXBruno, Perrie, Silvie Sun, Tonny D, Frosty Pookie, and the Huntress!
  6. Tonight is all about chillaxing... @shiryaStorm Kitten will play an incredible array of atmospheric ambient music and post rock.There will be some heavy moments, but essentially this is an immersive experience... So, grab a beer, sway, slow dance or just lie back and lose yourself in the beauty of the night sky. It's a different kind of vibe, for sure, but those of you who fondly remember the much-missed Lakeside room will surely want to try it... 8–11 pm CEST
  7. Are you're tired of a loud discotheque? Are you looking for a place to spend the evening listening to romantic music? Let's move in time! Let'a move to another dimension! Together! With pride and joy, we would love to have you join us to that travelling to an unusual evening of relaxation. If you love jazz, swing or blues, you will love this place! The Polish Section 3dxChat is proud to invite you to the opening of a new club.
  8. ☢ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ɛяυρтιση ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ☢ Saturday, November 4, 2017 10 am EST to start and going from there. DJ sets will be 1-2 hours long. Come enjoy the room you can run around in and have a little fun. Let the music take you away. The volcano might not be the only thing erupting. Listen to great music provided by the DJs. If interested in DJing just comment below and noted.
  9. SPA & WELLNESS Club We, my love Yrel and me, presents our SPA & WELLNESS Club
  10. Hello!! For my last ever event and farewell party in 3DX I am delighted to invite two of my oldest friends and DJs Epithany and Lorelia, for a night of some fantastic jazz music. Look forward to seeing you all there!!
  11. The Sound Lounge open this Sunday winding down the weekend with some blues music from myself and a special guest DJ. Be sure to drop by to relax, have fun and listen to some good music!
  12. I am proud to announce the next Sound Lounge event this coming Sunday where I will play 4 different genres. So drop by and enjoy some music!!
  13. Guest

    The Sound Lounge

    Hello music lovers, Do you love different genres of music? I am proud to announce the opening of What is The Sound Lounge? The Sound Lounge, as the name implies, is a relaxed lounge for people to come and listen to a wide range of music from some of 3DX’s most talented DJs. The Sound Lounge is not just another rock or EDM club. We love rock and EDM, but there is already an abundance of fantastic rock and EDM clubs in 3DX. The Sound Lounge is a place where you will hear many different styles of music such as jazz, blues, soul, reggae, hip-hop, swing, 50s, 60s, R&B, funk, folk, country, classical, lesser known sub genres of rock or EDM. If you wish to hangout in a friendly and relaxed environment while listening to some of the finest music in 3DX then look no further and come and take a look! If you are interested to know more or you would like to DJ for us at The Sound Lounge then please don’t hesitate to contact me on the forum or in-game. If you can’t DJ but would like to learn then I will be happy to assist, or if you have a great playlist of songs that you feel the world needs to hear then I will happily stream it on your behalf. We would like to discover new DJs in 3DX, so don’t be shy! The room is to open 7pm UK time every Sunday until 11pm and same time every Wednesday. The opening night was a huge success thank you all for attending. For upcoming events, check here: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/3053-the-sound-lounge-opening-event-thurs-12-may-2000-gmt1/
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