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Found 5 results

  1. Yes, i need it for more immersion, don't ask why.
  2. Okay, so I understand that a scale-able penis would cause a lot of problems for fit and positions....but, what about just 2 options? An "alpha penis" and a "beta penis"?
  3. Hello, as you can see the title, why not a bigger dick ? If it's possible of course. Thank you !
  4. Arrow key movement/navigation: It would be nice to switch to arrow key navigation for those who are not playing with tablets. This would make avatar movement more fluid and natural. RLC does this and it is much easier to use. It might also solve the problem of movement in tight spaces. Sauna spaces are typically small and have benches and other stuff crammed into them. When you try to move with the cursor, you constantly trigger actions. Also, it can be hard to get an "angle" on your avatar to stop marching in place, or just to back up and take another approach to where you are going. I'm told that this is one of the oldest complaints here. Auto-Boner: Is this a glitch or a feature? I don't mind walking around with an erection, here or IRL, but it is off-putting for some people. I notice that the penis hangs down at a more natural "at rest" angle when nude close dancing, so I know that the code is somewhere in the game. Perhaps a "Dick Switch" that would allow male players to select whether or not they want to have an erection -- and the erection would switch on when in the sex mode. Allowing selection of penis motion in settings, like you can select breast motion, would be a great feature. Penis-Aware actions: Playing with a sissy-boy recently, he was complaining that when having sex using a penis-equipped female avatar, he wouldn't do all the things that he could do using a male avatar body. It didn't appear that we could switch give/take roles for blow jobs, and there were other things that he could do in real life, but couldn't do here. If the code was modified to be penis-aware (avatar having a penis would automatically allow a fuller -- pun intended -- range of actions) that would help. Also, maybe allow one smaller breast size for sissy-boy players who wanted that option. Cum Persistence: Cum stays on female avatars (mostly -- though some cum deposits remove face and chest cum applied earlier). However, it doesn't stay on men. Could that feature be enabled? Even better, enable persistent cum on males, but allow male persistent cum to be turned on or off in settings. Currently, having the cum "wash off" when you leave a location is a good solution. Mandatory Nude: For customized locations -- or even home -- if the location is advertised as "Nude" let the designer have the option to automatically disrobe visitors, similar to "No Names".
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