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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Thank you for reading this topic and a warm welcome. Who Is Me? - Antonio Valentini “Tony", graphic designer. I do this as a hobby & I have a passion doing it, especially when it's naughty What I have here? - A website I use as a gallery and station for art & naughty desires (with limits). Why I'm doing this? - I like designing, editing, making comics and I like to see people pleased, also to push art, artistes, and designers more forward. How this can be interesting for you? As a designer or artist Get your space for show and be recommended for the field you are in. All your contact info and blogs will be mentioned if you want to. Be a part of the studio if you want to. As a person who like participate and like being a part as a model, author or else.. Participate in a story or photos. Turn your ideas or plots to comics or animation photos (GIF). Be a model, writer, or a staff. As an audience or a curious person Take a look and enjoy as you want. Get connect with other people or designers who have same interest or can be helpful for you. Security & Privacy I'm using a private domain provided by "WIX", so your information will be safe & no personal information required. All photos are protected by copyright, so can't be downloaded except screenshots (Nothing is perfect XD) No real information needed email in some features, but it's optional. If you will participate then your 3DX name only what I need to name the photos in your name. I also offer things like private feedback, complain or suggestion to keep your privacy on top. Features Full website with sections from home through stories & comics ending up with gallery & area to ask photos for yourself & feedback. A blog for latest news, updates, or suggestions or ideas where all people can discuss it. Full gallery to show and get yourself pleased. A section for stories and comics story. A subscribe to be updated always first. Being a member by sign up (optional) Easy way to reach to designers, artists, and those are interested in making or participating. Desktop and mobile friendly, so you can check and watch by the way you like. Thinking in offer the website with another languages in future depends on visitors. Cost Everything is free, there is no cost for anything. All this is just for entertainment purposes. Who I'm looking for? Staff members Designers/artists Models Curious people and audience Is there any rules? Have fun and enjoy. However, keep in mind Be respectful, being behind a screen doesn't give you a right to be a jerk. Don't judge or do any kind of harm to anyone. Conclusion That was kinda a big work and it took some time and effort to do for entertaining and give some pleasure, so encouragement would be appreciated by anything even by a like or reply. Wanna join or contact me or have any question or concerns, feel free to Email me: tonys-studio@hotmail.com. Message me in forums or 3DX my user is the same llTonyll. Chat with me in the website if I'm online Tumblr: tonys-studio.tumblr.com I prefer either Tumblr or 3dx, but it's your choice and I like to give as much option as I can Thank you for your time to read that, Have a lovely day as you, Antonio Valentini. One more thing …! I know you are asking yourself where the fucking website is? XD www.tonys-studio.com Note: I will offer some examples on Tumblr
  2. Hey all I run a modeling agency in here and im looking for models. If you think you have what it takes message me and we'll discuss it further.Also hiring outfit designers and editors. you also can leave you avi name here and ill contact you.
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