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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I made this topic to help support our DJ who upload their set to Public Audio Streaming services. This is to let our friends that your latest set has been released. Please put your streaming link here. I hope this will help 3dxChat DJ by listening to their set in one roof. Some of us may use Mixcloud, Soundcloud, TIDAL, VirtualDJ and etc. It's very hard to catch up with others who used different broadcast platform from yourself. No matter what any kind of Music Genre. Music is universal language I hope this will help boost number of listeners too. You can either do plain text web link or combining with picture. It's up to you. Let's start my latest set which released yesterday at Mixcloud. "More Noizes 14: At The Party" Plain text link Or embedding mix link with picture bb code. Update: New forum allows to upload picture from your computer. It's easier than previous format and more space. In order to redirect to your Audio Streaming website. You can edit upload picture by double click on it but making re-direct to streaming web. You have to save topic first then do Edit later. Click on picture you want to embed web link by mouse press once at your picture and it will highlight in Blue color and choose "Link" button from Toolbar. Following my attached pictures and press "Edit Topic" button when completion. Cheers,
  2. Hello, Everyone I have an idea about all players who posted mix set on Mixcloud™, No matter what you’re either real or hobby DJ. If you had your own mix on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, VirtualDJ or own YouTube channel that will be the better. Just transfer them to Mixcloud™ after reading and agreed with this. Id like only to getting rid some players who abused their fake prefix “DJ” by copying whole set from other media sources. Or even stealing other's creations and claimed being their own, not nice at all. Some of our friends are not EDM DJ but they have tons of music collection. Like DocQ. He’s the best Rock Mobile DJ who hold tons of request songs. Also MrAsh are both of EDM DJ and have massive love songs on his music library. :) Music Pioneer DJ like Myszka, Chloe, Nobody (aka Dj <juju>), xXDesireeXx, DjSlap and etc. They’re very cool players. Also, senior DJ like Chilles (aka DjChilles), MissyB (aka Nikki), DJAsh, Dj Megalon, DJ Nixxx, DJ JesssicaX, DjIsouki.and etc. We can create our music category track there too, by adding “3DXChat DJ” tag when you released new set on Mixcloud™. And there will be no big-name DJs that can abuse us by their big fan votes, cause they’re not entitle our membership. At least, this will help support us from smaller to the bigger step to be the better & the best DJ in the future. I think Gizmo will be happy with this cause it will be free indirect advert. :lol: Just by following these rules; Must be 3DXChat Forum Member, registered to Mixcloud™ and have at least 1 set posted there. We will support by at least giving “Favorite” to all of us who posted with “3DXChat DJ” tag. If the set hit your heart, “Repost” or repeat “Listening” will be added there. Trending Chart will be valid just 1 week after posted your set and your ranking will be final result. We need at least 3 Djs to post with "3DXChat DJ" at the same time in order to create trending tag.I will not post my "3DXChat DJ" ranking on my set except other Music Genre I made my own. If you agreed with this, shall we start?
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