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Found 2 results

  1. Vaughan_Rarius

    New Forum

    Thank you for improving Forum. It does seem much better. Unfortunately I was unable to see where to post for queries to be addressed. So I opened this to ask... 1. Signatures - Are Signatures no longer allowed? They made forum very colourful before and some were very witty, wise and some downright dirty. But they were fun to see and read. If they are allowed, how do we re-add them? 2. Please do not remove the fun silly games. I appreciate that some may think they are pointless and spam but... they are a fun way to encourage members, especially new joins to post and to learn to negotiate their way around the forum topics. They are also a good way to make friends and again see the witty sense of humour of members. Please allow them and re-open the one you closed - Change one word. 3. Is size of pictures when posting in a topic limited and if so what is the maximum allowed? Some pictures have been distorted. 4. Are the number of likes still limited or has this silly limit been eliminated? I was never sure of the point of the limit. 5. Has the forum now been opened to new members again? Is there any limitations when their / our subscription ends? 6. Do we have to have our forum activity and friends on public view. Can we hide this from public view? I'm sure I or others will have more questions. LOL.
  2. Unpleasant Fancy Fairy Fly - Fairly intelligent people who think it is acceptable to argue with another or others in public, whether anyone else wishes to hear it or not – usually not - but justify it by making new topics to fit in what they want to say to prolong their argument; bring up bad feelings from previous issues ; rarely take part in other topics except to disrupt and making it about them to yet again prolong their arguments ; and they justify it all by saying childlike... dont read my topic then (then stop making it public ffs), or saying its "free speech", (dont mix this up with bitchiness and sly insults) and they have to have the last word so things go on and on and on and on… Unpleasant Fancy Fairy Flies need to understand, no one in Forum gives a fuck about their personal arguments and issues; they need to take it to PM and battle it out there to infinity if they wish and that they can actually use an ignore facility to rid them of their terrible, shameful, opponent. All this negativity drives people away from Forum and makes members reluctant to be a part of an otherwise fun aspect of the game and a good way to make friends. Unpleasant Fancy Fairy Flies need to be swatted out of Forum and only return when their rational intelligent side has something positive, or funny or valuable to add to a discussion and the Forum Family. What they think they look like: What they really look like:
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