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  1. Pussy Quiet returns to the beautiful Lake Keely this Sunday. @Animay, @Mulanand Dota bring soothing grooves, soundtracks and things that swing to send you into the night with a gentle eargasm or two...
  3. Come and welcome the open air season with us. A beautiful clearing in the forest is prepared for a psychedelic journey. We are accompanied with the best outstanding Goa and Psytrance tunes by @Sarahu, Dota and Tashira.
  4. SFL Internet Radio (browser link) : https://zeno.fm/sfl_internet_radio/ SFL Website : https://willy34blv.wixsite.com/sudiofantasylabel Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/studiofantasylabel SFL Internet Radio stream (to copy/paste in 3DX radio system) : http://stream.zeno.fm/q6rw976bwp8uv 📻FOLLOW US !🎧 Done by passion, made for music
  5. This Sunday... a chilled and bluesy, slow and schmoozy PUSSY QUIET at LAKE KEELY, with mewy mixes from @Mulan, @Eyleen and Dota. Drop by and enjoy the beautiful lakeside vibe...
  6. ✿☠️✿ TNT Rock & Music Club - RELOADED ♫♪* Sat 24. April 2021, 19:30 CEST until dawn (12:30PM CDT) ROCKWITCH, BISH, SHAKAY (Premiere), MissJanetWeiss, DJ Maus & Bare Bunnies 19:30 Shane Darko 20:30 ROCKWITCH 22:00 BISH 23:30 SHAKAY (premiere) 24:00 MissJanetWeiss 02:00 DJ Maus Supported by the wonderful Bare Bunnies
  7. This Sunday... a Rocking, Rolling, Rapping, Roaring PUSSY RIOT! with Meowy Mega Mixes from @Sylviex, @Mulan and @danididit Don't miss it!
  8. Spend this Sunday at Lake Keely, lazing in the low sun and sitting by the shore as the soothing, smoothing and sensual sounds of Pussy Quiet's @Mulan @JojoJoana and Dota wash over you like the soft ripples of the lapping lakeside waters... Take your fill of our chill and stay with us till the spectacular sundown...
  9. This Sunday Pussy Riot gets down and dirty and back to basics: Yes, it's all about THE ROCK! Making an overdue DJ debut, @Emily will open with an hour of Prog and Tech purrfection before @Mulan and @danididit follow up with rock and metal playlists that will make your fur stand on end! Mewsic to put the WOW in MEOW! Don't miss it...
  10. Pussy Quiet is feline the lurve, this Sunday, as we celebrate Valentine's Day in the most romantic setting on 3DX – Lake Keely. @Cinammon starts us off with a furtive first hour, before we make out to the serene sounds of @Mulan and the delicious delirium of Dota. Expect a few unexpected weddings... yours, maybe? 💜
  11. THE DOUBLE D TUESDAY - 8PM - 11PM CET HOST MrsDavinaP with DJ Derai & DJ Vina. with Amazing Flaunt Dance Team, OUR VENUE The SingStar, built by MrsDavinaP and its Debut on a Tuesday night , MIX OF ROCK REMIXES & CLASSIC ROCK ALL FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, ALL WELCOME LaVela - 7pm - 10pm EST Host DJTouch, Resident DJ's DorothyBunny & Trisanity. Dance Team Sinful Synergy bring LaVela to Tuesday evenings, Great music, Fantastic dancing and always a naughty twist. Rock, Classics, Trap All Welcome Want to see all our party's? https ://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx https://3
  12. THIS SUNDAY at 8 PM CET, come celebrate TWO YEARS of PUSSY RIOT CRAZINESS as @Mulan and @danididit take us through four decades of ROCK! Kitty ears welcome! LET'S PURRTY!
  13. NAKED FULL MOON Christmas Edition 27th December 2020 Doors will open at 8:30 PM CEST Welcome to NAKED FULL MOON get rid of your clothes and dance the night away have fun and be free xoxox With Live DJ's DJ Sherrie, DJ JazzieSweetness, DJ VenemousVixen, DJ AmethystThalia
  14. Trubblemaker Skunkworks, a subsidiary of Trubblemaker Industries (bringing you the HMS Opal Star), presents the 890 JUMP: DJ Showcase and Party Boat! This is a non-regular event that happens when the Opal Star takes a break between episodic content updates. First, what is the 890 JUMP? (Name inspired by a Space Luxury Liner playable in Star Citizen) Concept: 3DX has many rooms that open regularly and with many DJs. We are now at the point where 1 hour slots are the norm and the prime hours for DJing to large crowds are filled up. What is not covered as well is the After Dark (Late
  15. NAKED FULL MOON Egyptian Edition Doors will open at 8:30 PM CEST Welcome to NAKED FULL MOON get rid of your clothes and dance the night away have fun and be free xoxox With Live DJ's HCM Raven, Danny FR, Arctic, Sherrie, JazzieSweetness
  16. Hello everyone ! Don't forget it's party night. Feel free to come and dance with us.
  17. @Cinammon @Animay and one of the greatest synth bands of all time... Edited just now by Animay
  18. A Pussy Riot night of guilty pleasures from Pina Colada to Steel Panther (and everything in between) from @Mulan @HazyRays & @danididit, our resident queens of sleaze and cheese! Bring your big hair for this one!
  19. Come party on Sunday Morning, September 27th from 1000-1600 CET/4am-10am EDT on top of the mountain. The Callista will feat. DJs Spratek, Dyllan D, and Katka spinning the tunes for the event. Dance on the dance floor, relax in our relaxation rooms or in our private rooms!
  20. Pussy Riot's shy little sister returns this Sunday for a Blues night at Keely's serene lakeside. @Eyleen and @Mulan will rock you with smooth blues grooves, then @danididit hosts an after party for all the night birds on the water.
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