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Found 1 result

  1. I am an SM dominant which is not a dom at all. S stand for sadist which is not the same as a dom...however you may be surprised that MAYBE one in twenty people know what SM is. When I came to 3DX there were a number of terms I had never heard of, such as pet and little ones. They're just D/s terms for subbies that need to be handled with kid gloves; sugar coated terms. However, if you sit at your mistress's feet, you do as she tells you to, you are loyal to only her, you're the same as the slave that's sitting on the floor besides you. Besides, how is pet better than slave...? If I say, "come to me dog...?" that is better for you than, "crawl to your master, slave...!" I mean yeah, seems like I'm just being mean and difficult, but honestly, I'm not. How is it that you find being a pet superior to being a slave...? Do you know how rl master slave relationships work...? I think you just think pet sounds sweet and you like it better than slave, but, you're not educated in this relationship at all in reality. A slave is 100% devoted to their master and will do anything to please their master. If the master says, "you will not eat for a week and never again shall you walk but rather you shall crawl, lest I give you the command to rise to your two feet" the slave will happily follow these commands. What is a pet by comparison...? You sit beside your mistress and don't fuck other people...? You prove your loyalty by wearing a collar...? I'm not trolling, I legitimately want to understand how 3DX subs and even doms hink it's better to be a pet than it is to be a slave...that is not the correct thought process. It's not lesser, a slave is devoted and willing. The slave requires the master's total dominance, not mercy or respect. If you don't understand that, dominance is a fantasy for you, it's not your reality.
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