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Found 6 results

  1. I have been away from this game for quite some time now and decided to get back in to it. After buying a 6 month subscription redownloading the game I am now stuck loading and there seems no end in sight I am on version 2.8 and build 436, this happens on both US and EU severs Please HELP!!!
  2. I've reinstalled 3DXchat and lost all of my settings. In the past, I somehow managed to save location of 3DXchat window on second monitor, so when I started the game it opened on the second monitor instead of the main one. I'm trying to achieve that again, but I cannot find the forum post that helped me in the past, so I'm asking here. Secondly, I'd like to save position of my UI, for example window with poses and window for screenshot to be saved in spot where I put them instead of opening up in default spot. Is it possible? Thank you kindly for help in advance.
  3. Yo this is my first post, not sure where to put it but i need some help. Its kind of complicated and i'm not even sure if anyone here is from the support that can help me out but....I need to switch the email address associated with my account. There are 2 issues though, I do not remember my 3DX password, and the email associated on the account is super old and no longer active. To reset my password through the "forgot password" wont help because it will send the password to an email address that no longer exists or one that might belong to someone else. If anyone here can help beyond directing me to the contact support page that'd be great. I have my order ID, product info, digital receipt for the purchase for verification.
  4. Akko


  5. I've got a problem about patch 399 update which I used Game version 392 but It was freezing on patch 399 update. I decided to uninstall the game and used 3DX Reg Cleaner before installing latest V397 again. Well, I'm stuck at patch 399 again, nothing change. What can I do? P.S. I've found problem myself. It was Windows update faulty which I setup as manual update. Cause I had problem with silly update from Microsoft that made my Traktor Pro software not working for 3 months. It override my HP AMD Radeon graphic card to Adrenalin version which was conflict with original HP AMD driver. If someone had problem like me, try check windows update & install it first. Otherwise, update patcher won't work. Thanks.
  6. Was thinking of buying a membership, but was just curious, is there an option to choose the age range of a character? Like is it possible to have create a character that is an older man/woman? Also, are all the bodies available to choose from all buff or are there chubbier options? Thanks in advance
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