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Found 6 results

  1. While viewing my own profile on one of my characters, the number of gifts in parentheses is missing. I have all my gifts, just the total number of them being displayed isn't there. I can see the number of gifts other players profiles have, and I can see the number on my other character's own profile, just for one of my characters that number isn't there. Thank you
  2. Hello, I know that it's not in your highest priorities, but please consider the following: 1) Rich Text Editor in profile editor and gifts I believe we all know what kind of trouble editing our profiles and gifts is needed when we want to use colors or different sizes on text. OK it's not so much trouble for me (but still takes more time) but it's like rocket science to some people. So, since you support colors and sizes, why not just add a rich text editor in the profile editor and gifts so that we can be more creative with our messaging? Also, add some basic UTF characters like hearts, stars smiles etc in the rich text editor. 2) Do not allow us to use more characters than allowed in gifts Most of us have discovered with the hard way that there is a limit to the number of characters we can use in gifts. Which means: Scenario A: We spend 10 minutes on composing a nice gift message with colors and everything and then (after we already spend 300 xgold) we discover that the message gets cropped and some tag becomes broken and the message is basically ugly to read, plain white and with the hex codes and tags unparsed. Scenario B: We compose a nice long gift message and after we spend 300 xgold again, we discover that only half of the message is displayed and all the meaning of the message is lost. In both scenarios we are obligated to re-send and re-spend 300 xgold to correct the message and make it shorter and ask our friend to delete the broken one. So, please add limits (like a counter that tells us how many more characters are left) and add a rich text editor to make our lives easier Regards
  3. I tried to gift a person today and it didnt seem to send so silly me i sent it over n over til all my gold was gone . was only 4 gifts i tried to send i think .. how do i sort this out ?? I only intended to send one but tried 4 times i think to send it ..?? any help would be appreciated
  4. Hey all. I'm editing my profile and I know you can use various BBCode style options to format text, but I have no idea what language they are from. I wanna do a strikethrough, like so, and can't figure out what the code is. Anyone know? Thanks, Taint edit: I release not the best title now, sorry about that
  5. I am new to this game i just found it yesterday searching on google...I am curious if you can gift a subscription to another player (monthly wise) I am continuing to read through the forums and learning little bits and pieces about this game (sorry if this is in the wrong spot i was unable to post where i thought it should go)
  6. Guest

    Christmas Gifts...thoughts

    Christmas Gifts...thoughts The idea of this thread is to post and/or answer someones questions or concerns about buying a specific gift. I just thought that with so many members here that maybe some could put on their Santa Helpers Hat and share some of their real life experience(s) they may of had. If you answer a post can you "multi-quote" the persons original post so they get feedback that their question has been responded to. ~ thanks and hope that last part makes sense ~ Background: I'm thinking of getting my sister an iPhone 6 plus (I think she has a 4-ish w/cracked screen), my family has a lot of Apple products with tons of media that we can easily swap with each other including a BA-zillion apps-so looking at a different type of phone might be difficult, but not out of the question... My Question: Does anyone have any real life experience with the iPhone 6 Plus (good or bad)? ...thnx
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