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Found 4 results

  1. What if the game whod look like this in the future or is it only a dream lol. What do you think the game will look like in the future? Let's say 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now... Let's trow ides and thoughts
  2. Who thinks they shoud add femmales orgasm for us females? like squiting and more intense moaning, and for the eyes to roll back ( it does that on me when i reach climax ) And also that the lower back arch when we rech climax (orgasm). We shoud also get orgasm as the men do! Equality
  3. Who things the 3DXChat game shoud be more like The Sims in the future ?
  4. Hello everyone ,as the title states ...game changing updates First let me say what i mean but before that i wanna say ..That personaly I love 3dxchat i wanna see 3dxchat standing in the top with that being said . what i mean game changing updates ? well the kind of updates that will take game from one level and fly to another higher level So here post your ideas (yet another time hehehe ) but remeber Game changing updates to take Game to a whole new level So in my opinion As Gamer as 3D designer/animator(2d seamester^^ ) and as someone that also loves PR (mom side genes/ habbit ) and as someone that constantly loves to search whats out there whats current limits etc ..... 1) Pose Editor i will never stop believe that it will be a Game changing update making 3dxchat fly in a whole other new level Advertize capabilities (for 3dxchat) in various platforms-social media and game forums will be massive and a plus bringing many new ppl to the game ! you every person has some favorite poses and kinks that currently cant exersize and get the max out of their fantasies (reason they might play the game ) So pose editor solve this ..players could potentially create their own favorite poses they like and love also sex orientasions that havent got related stuff in years will be able to now get them . here an example BDSM and lesbian comunity luck those poses ..pose editor will easily change that not only for them but for everyone 2) Cloth Editor what it will Do ? well this cloth editor will let you change current clothes in Game (not create and upload on ur own we have another system for that with Dev control ) but this cloth editor will let you tweack any existing cloth there is in game (we have got a preview teaser few month ago ) My belief is it will be a new awesome experience for players letting them experiment with current clothes and create variations making each player more unique with more unique style ofc in the future that editor could evolve and u might even be able to do cuts in fabric(current cloth) and create a new design 3) Hair editor we have got already a preview/teaser and personaly i realy liked it and i believe it will make players even more unique style wise 4) Tattoo editor well tattoo editor will give you the ability to choose from the various tattoos game will have what you want to have in ur left hand in ur right hand and not be locked to use 1 whole tattoo design ...for example tattoo 1 for left hand tattoo 2 for right hand tattoo 3 for L leg ....u get the point ... currently created tattoos will exist as a gallery and with the tattoo editor you will be able to chose 5) reworked Avatars that will be able for more customization with way more sliders to customize your avatar look So it make players even more unique 6) New race avatars: introduction to human and elf race ..currently we have only human avatars so this feature will introduce a new race ''Elfs '' both male and females this feature will make game even more rich as ppl will have more avatar options to choose and developing wise isnt that hard replace normal ear with elf ears but some hairstyles we currently have wont be available for elfs cause their ears will be covered and wont be any distinction so elfs will have some other hairstyle making their ears visible 7) Futanari gender : Will be the 3d gender as many have asked !!! we will have females Males and futanari ..its not cool for females to have to share their Gender and also will give more freedom to the futa population ..Futanari gender will come with cock option only perma and not with the current option of put cock remove cock ofc pose menu will be made in a way so ppl can clearly see this is a female pose and that is a futa pose to make things clear maybe in future futanari will have both cock and vagina cause futanari is exactly that but lets do baby steps first Unity upgrade recently i checked the unity updates and i realized that 3dxchat is arround 60 updates behind ...so yes game needs to move in the latest unity engine to get the most of the new features provided from new technologies new features better stability better performance better everything 9) Build editor update: well build editor was awesome when it got out but we need more updated editor with more tools example a curving tool that you will be able to open holes in a prop enabling you for more complex designs and ofc other tools and more props its 2020 so would be cool if we had more futuristic props the space sky we got teased and havent got yet ^^ @Gizmo build editor needs updates both tool wise and prop wise to allow people build more cool stuff 10 ) Enganging Developer team : What i mean ? surely DEV team did many steps forward to reach comunity and be close but there is more that needs to be done Developer team needs more presence so players feel close ,so players feel they requests have been heard ,So players get answers in upcoming updates topics 11) yearly update plan: what i mean ? Well Devs every new year should release their plans for this year So players know what to expect more or less and not random stuff ...example ..''Devs..hey everyone here our plans for this year we make this we make that project wise For bigger project ..this way people will be informed on what big projects they can expect in game ...building more trust between player and developers 12) Small/Big updates and players content : Developers should release small updates every 20 days ...why ..example someone buy 1 month ...he/she should have the chance to live a update making their decision to stay in game easier ...statistics show that games with regular updates have 70% more chances players to re sub Players content :clothes hairstyles tattoos etc every 30 days ..devs will gather all player created content that have pass dev controll and make 1 update with all they have gathered once per month Big updates every 3 months ..lemme be clear big update isnt 5 poses whatever ..big updates are 30 poses big updates is a build editor is a pose editor is stuff like that that will make players go woooww 13) BUG FIXES!!!!!! : tons of bugs that need to be adressed Well those are my ideas ...to cover all aspects i think are crucial for 3dxchat and Players every above mentioned idea will help 3dxchat Game reach new levels will help advertizments ,will bring more players and ofcourse game will have many happy players Things i got into account : 1) PR/advertizment capabilities to help game grow 2) Game development 3) Players/comunity 4) rivalry/possible competitors time for you to Post your Ideas and dont forget ...again Game changing updates
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