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Found 24 results

  1. The ☣BDSMetal Gang☣ in association with ★★★★★PETHUNTER and ST⚝RDUST After the Dance Battle of Moonlight We now proudly present the Band Battle with Moonlight, Venom, Rockwitch ShaKay, Bish, Apothic, Phoenix on stage! Don't miss to hear and to celebrate great rock music with 7 bands from 2 continents!
  2. The Shadow Gallery of ChristineXS was voted to be the best room for BDSMetal Gang events in 2020. Syl the French Frog and the XS Shadow Lady DJ Empress PalpaTine will rock the Shadow Gallery through its 1 Year Anniversary!
  3. Club located in a lost cave in a remote place where only blues and rock can be heard, and where only true rockers and seekers of good blues music, know its location. The name of the club "Red Baron" is in honor of the mythical Spanish rock band of the 80s, "Baron Rojo". In memory of the mythical German pilot of the First World War "Manfred von Richthofen Red Baron, changing and mutating over time, has been in 3dx for three years, now property shared with BDSMetal gang Open only the first Friday of each month and always at night, according to CET schedule. When the evening ends, it closes its doors and remains in oblivion until the full moon returns. If you find its location, we are waiting for you this Friday, March 5, starting at 8:00 p.m. cet. A cold beer will be waiting for you!! https://sites.google.com/view/eyleen3dxbuildings/red-baron-club
  4. Who cares about Wednesday Rock if you can DUCK YOU? Today the BDSMetal Gang will party on and invites everybody to DUCK with us.
  5. The Shadow Gallery of @Tine-XS was voted to be the best room with BDSMetal Gang events in 2020. Dancing Shadows may have been the first occurrence ever in 3DX in this room. The Shadow Gallery is meant to rock, the owner might be only a little Lady but she rocks, this time from A to Z along the guest’s requests!
  6. Dear Lords and Ladies, Knights and Peasants, The Royals of the BDSMetal Family welcome everyone at the Great Castle of Elynia, we have something for everyone, some Church, cheap Houses and expensive Houses, a Blacksmith, even a Dragon, a Market, a Tavern, small TrainingGround, some Armory and a Place for Special Events like Today, where everyone who would like to join us, could listen to some Medieval and Folk-rock, wich would have some slow and some louder pieces of Great Medievil music in different languages. You can get beer inside the Tavern and something to eat inside the Royal Chambers. So join us as long as the Gates to the Castle are opened and let us have some great time in peace together.
  7. Gast DJ ShaneDarko and Gang DJ Clodilla and the XS Shadow Lady PalpaTine will kick asses and make the Shadows dance!
  8. It is Saturday Rock again with DJ KJ, PalpaTine XS and DaniEstralla kicking our asses to wiggle!
  9. Gang DJ Clodilla, Atlante, Mulan, Chammy, Lonex and Dani will rock the 666 summer heat!
  10. The Shadows will dance again when the doors of the Shadow Gallery will be opened for great rock music brought into our ears by Alathea, Lone★ and the great XS Shadow Lady DJ PalpaTine herself!
  11. The Shadows will dance again when the the XS Shadow Lady ChristineXS, known as our Tine and DJ PalpaTine celebrates her 5th 3DXChat anniversary. Rocking your ass off: Pandion, Damcles, Feuermond and, the XS Shadow Lady herself, DJ PalpaTine
  12. The Shadows will dance again on a bluesy evening with DJ Syl and the XS Shadow Lady PalpaTine herself in the mix.
  13. The Shadows will dance again with rock brought into our ears by DJ CoraGaga, Allissia and the XS Shadow Lady PalpaTine herself.
  14. On the 11th anniversary of the death of the little man with the giant voice, the BDSMatal Gang is organizing a tribute evening in his honor, with music by ELF, RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH and of course DIO. Experience the magic of his music from 4 decades. 16th May 2021 at 7:30 pm CEST / 5:30 pm UTC
  15. Come and welcome the open air season with us. A beautiful clearing in the forest is prepared for a psychedelic journey. We are accompanied with the best outstanding Goa and Psytrance tunes by @Sarahu, Dota and Tashira.
  16. On the 3rd of February in 1959 the music died. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper died in a plane crash. We want to remember Buddy Holly whose music will never die! Rock'n'Roll from the man with the glasses! NicoleMoon (Feuermond) will play his songs and dream of being Peggy Sue.
  17. The 3 evenings of X-Mas Bash with various styles of rock music are back. DJ changes every hour will live up things and you may like to try all your dance moves all over the evening. DJ Lineup: 7:00 pm Atlante ,8:00 pm Elynia, 9:00 pm PalpaTine (ChristineXS) , 10:00 pm Animay, 11:00 Eida
  18. With the G7 kicking off in France the day after, Pussy Riot just couldn't resist the protest poster "feline", and tonight will the purrfect warm up for the heat that's sure to be going down in Biarritz on Saturday. ElissaSky and @danididit will be putting their claws to the cause for us – oh, and there's a special birthday celebration too...
  19. Pussy Quiet ponders its dark side this Sunday, as @darkangel anchors the evening with a mix so black it's 95% cocoa, while the room itself is a desolate, dystopian suspension bridge, specially modified by @BlackVelvet. Come cross into the darkness of Goth and Metal with us and perhaps dress to match?I It's the perfect occasion to show off your inner demon or vampire. . .
  20. More informations here : http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/6407-bdsmetal-gang-monthly-plan/page-4&do=findComment&comment=299812
  21. I´m happy to announce this upcoming party UNDER COVER, an evening with the best Rock Coverversions
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