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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I read a lot of things about what happened recently and yes, i'm talking about room stealing. People continues asserting that the only solution to avoid this should be avoiding publishing your things... if you don't want someone else .. etc etc etc.. oh well, it sounds a bit strange to me, I mean, this is an answer I could expect from an game player, someone who's desperate enough to say "oh wth i don't understand a thing about those tech things... pfff i'll not upload my rooms anymore .. i hate you T-T etc etc etc..." BUT, I just spent 15 mins of my lunch break to draw a Mindmap that I would like to share with you to understand WHY something like this couldn't be done: I'll try to explain it to you in an easy way: Sara Haaa I'm finally at home ^^ I wanna play a bit! So, let's start 3DXChat.exe! hmm ok i have to login.. *types email and password* 3DXChat Ohh Sara! this is you! Welcome back hun! take this cute token and take care of him! ^^ You'll need it to do amazing things so don't lose it! Sara Ah great! I'll put it here..in a secure place! ok, now, let me choose my avi! I wanna play!! *throws her token on 3DXChat face!* 3DXChat >.< Sara... choose what? you've only one avi... there you go, BlackVelvet again, ok? BlackVelvet Yesss she's my favourite ^^ ... ^^" Ok ok.. hmmm I wanna add some glass tables to my room (lol) .. 3DXXXXX give me my EDITABLE world pleeease!! *throws her token on 3DXChat face again!* :3 3DXChat ... -___-" hi.. this is you again... ah your room.. wait silly girl! *encrypts the world file cause wants to be sure nobody else could edit and/or load it into the editor* BlackVelvet!! Take this if you can handle it!! U.U BlackVelvet AH! my lovely room ^^ ahaha you encrypted it!? pfff who cares, I'll use my fingerprint (UUID) to decrypt Ohh yes! I can edit and share my location with other players now ^^ YESSS ....... IN THE MEANWHILE .... ARandomUser (just another user) Oh great! BV's room is open! I really want to see how many glass tables she put into it this time xD 3DXChat! Let me join! This is my token!!!1!11! 3DXChat Hi random...user :facepalm: yes... take this clean version of her room .. and enjoy her tables -.-" ARandomUser AHHH BUT... BUT.. I LLLOVE IT! I want a room like this!! I want it all for me!! >.> <.< *grins* ah!!! but i have a clean version of the room! and i'm a badass! I'll try to lad it now inside the world editor! i'll change some things and i'll open it with MY NAME! MUAHAHAHHA *tries to load BlackVelvet's room* WorldEditor ......hi ... wtf are you doing? go playing on the railroads and wait for a big big train to pass. ARandomUser T-T nobody wanna play with me THE END. Oook .. well .. mine was just a suggestion... a draft.. a hint.. a lot of bullshits idk. I just want to share my ideas with you and know what you think about it. Ofc in order to apply those changes, devs should refactor the game code.. but i think that all this worths the effort spent.. and 3DXChat users would be very happy to know that this would means: - NO MORE PANDORA - NO MORE ROOM STEALING Thx for reading <3
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