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Found 1 result

  1. Edit 20/05/2015 : Decision has been validated after a massive response from community in favor of preventing death announcement topics on this forum. ____________________________________________ Hello, Death announcement is a very sensitive matter, as opposed to weddings/birthdays. This sensitive matter has to be dealt with cautiously, because nobody can be sure 100% and check the veracity of the statement on this virtual platform. It is bound to dramas and unnecessary fallouts, as many of you have probably saw play out during their times on forum/game. The intent of this poll is to stop any future death announcement topics, as well as locking the existing ones to prevent further comments on them. Death is a very delicate matter, better cared for privately than out in the open. Because such posts will be always looked at with suspicions. Of course this doesn't stop you from mourning your loved ones, which can be done in game, and with our tight community word will spread fast enough. But words written on a public forum will bring unwanted issues. All of us are concerned by this matter, so we are leaving the decision into your hands. Thank You. This is an informative poll, about a decision we need to make together, please do not add any names or state specific situations, such comments will be deleted immediately. Edit : A minimum of 50 votes is required for decision to be validated, whether positive or negative.
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