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Found 2 results

  1. Yes, tonight 3rd October Heaven is re-opening his doors again. Be welcome to taste the nice ambiance and our Luxury Escorts. Dance, Have Fun, Pm our escorts and make a deal so your fantasy comes true. Also hiring new girls, so if your interested please pm me See you tonight PG xoxox
  2. DISCLAIMER: This topic is for expressing my views and your opinions in what you say, however I am sure many of you would find this downright silly and non agreeable. That doesn't give you the right to be harsh or rude. I am a simple Indian guy who joined with a lot of expectations (read -unrealistic in this virtual world). It's wouldn't be fair to say, I didn't give it time or enough efforts. I did, and I will continue to do so. I am well aware that this isn't a dating site and the center piece of this game being 'sex' makes it difficult for an emotional barter. I am however that virus in a sterile world with people immune to the kind like me and I would soon die or casted out if I don't infect anyone soon. Again, I am a sucker of emotions and feelings. I fantasize romance rather than dominance and hit n run. But it is sinful in this world. People's lack of trust and shell named privacy is hardcore than their fuckery. I geddit, this world of stalkers and rare chance of getting profit out of emotional investment gets you scared but I fail to understand how can you drive without fuel? How is your sky full of stars not incomplete without a moon? Why won't you let me in and love you like I would if I met you at the bar or library or if you were my new neighbor? I will take no for an answer, I definitely will smile if you say because you're creepy and ugly as fuck. I will accept that I am just not your type and oblige if you ask me to piss off... But I will never understand why you put your kinks and fantasies above your heart, and when did you stop taking risks. When did you decide you will not fail anymore? P.s. please be very convincing.
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