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  1. Sorry Amber you lost me at " it is a physical desire that feeds the sex, not the emotional connection." When you say you're a creature of needing to feel love before physically diving in, I can relate to it because that is exactly what I am talking about here. But for me I don't feel loved when someone says "I love you but only in 3dx world. It might be fantasy world for others, you and in SL, Achat... and I sound like a broken record but for the nth time, I respect that. Its your choice, your subscription hard earned money, your time ... everyone is saying the same thing. I made this po
  2. Think again what you wrote and think again if John doe can't send his friends to test it out on Sherry. p.s. stop assuming I am a noob with life like experiences please?
  3. I understand and accept that everyone has their way of playing and is free to do so. I am not unhappy being here or indicating this place is bad to be. I am wishfully hoping that there wasn't so much shielding when it came to emotions among users. I am okay with the rejection and people's choice and method of playing. I am wishing people would be more accepting (few at least) so that people like me feel embraced and feel hopeful. If I am respecting your community, I feel like I deserve to be heard and not just ridiculed. There are people who are hanging by the thread and asking for a fair chan
  4. I am sorry, did I smell sarcasm here? Didn't I mention TWICE that I respect your perception and not attempting to change it? What I wrote as reply to your previous comment were few points to ponder, if you will. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD, in this case your disrespect you're so much advocating for not being thrown back at you. This thread is a debate and lets not troll the poster shall we?
  5. Thanks Sherry, I respect your opinion but please don't assume I have written this post being completely blind of a woman's point of view. Also don't assume I am new to this like RobT did. I am in no way going to try to change your views but I have to re assert what I am trying to say. Now everyone has been screwed over and over again by someone or the other in real life or in open. But no one in real life tells you to stop dating because you might get cheated on or whatever, but ... in virtual world people are quick to say you're a fool if you trusted someone online. Why? Because there's a
  6. For the most part I would happily agree but if this is in true sense a community, people need to look out for new as well as old people. Not caring or being paranoid doesn't help. You're free to take measures to protect yourself from getting hurt but when your security measures become generic and clichéd it starts degrading the whole idea of socialising. You're right about the people need something to trust in; part.
  7. Agreed, and this isn't exclusive to just 3dxchat. It's for any virtual social platform.
  8. DISCLAIMER: This topic is for expressing my views and your opinions in what you say, however I am sure many of you would find this downright silly and non agreeable. That doesn't give you the right to be harsh or rude. I am a simple Indian guy who joined with a lot of expectations (read -unrealistic in this virtual world). It's wouldn't be fair to say, I didn't give it time or enough efforts. I did, and I will continue to do so. I am well aware that this isn't a dating site and the center piece of this game being 'sex' makes it difficult for an emotional barter. I am however that virus in a
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